Got perma banned for "Cheating" after AntiCheat issue

I was doing Vykas hard yesterday and some guildie said he was having problems with anti cheat and he couldn’t open the game, I was having issues with my connection so I could barely play but my friends still wanted to try since it’s hard for them to get a support player, sadly I got DC twice, the first time I got DC when I tried to re-enter the game the anti cheat pop out a widow but I thought it was the issue that everyone on the forum was talking about so I restarted my router and computer, I entered again and everything was ok, about one hour later I was doing Vykas G3 and because of lag I missed a mechanic and we had to reset, my connection dropped and when it came back I tried to login and noticed I was perma banned, I asked the people I was playing with what happened and they told me they quitted the instance after I left, I asked if someone reported but no one did, since they know I was having issues they were waiting for me while doing another raids until I told them what happened. I don’t know how to download the logs for anti-cheat , my steam account is old and I’ve never cheated in any game. Things in SA are hard so I’m in no position to cheat into an account that I already wasted 3k USD (already sent all of the transactions).
Before reset I uploaded a video on my Facebook after passing Vykas G3 because I’ve always wanted to make content and it seemed like a nice opportunity, I was thinking that probably and since the video was Public someone reported me, Idk, I’m just making assumptions since someone could just have asked people to report me for no reason.

I already sent an appeal ticket but I keep getting copy-and-pasted answers.
I am just frustrated that I see bots running around daily, but they do not seem to be affected. However, normal players like me are getting perma banned for simply just playing the game. I swear that I have not done anything that goes against the code of conduct section 3 about playing ‘fair’
I just want to know what exact action got me banned or made my account be suspect of ‘cheating’. The email replies said that I should provide evidence to support my appeal, but what evidence do I provide when I do not even know why I got banned and I don’t know how to get EAC logs

I didn’t get any warning before, no suspensions, nothing, what can I do to get my account back? This is very frustrating, so I’m sorry if I’m being rude.
Thank you in advance

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your story seems insanely unlikely since AFAIK the anticheat alone cannot ban someone usually anticheats just force close the game and they may report incidents to the games developer. Decent chance you did something wrong but your refusing to tell the truth ( not like network disconnects even involve anticheat to begin with)

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I got the msg from EAC after getting DC while I was opening the game again (which took forever on EAC screen) and just ignored it and restarted, it was not while I was playing

idk mate your story sounds like a complete fabrication of what happened, first you say your network dropped in vyka g3 after a wipe you then claimed when you tried to log back in you got a message saying you were banned but a few sentances later you claimed you actually beat g3 and uploaded it to facebook. these 2 scenarios cant occur at the same time which is why its quite obvious your clearly lying which might be why your getting copypasted responses to tickets

I mean I uploaded a video before week reset, which was 2 days ago. And my issue was yesterday

weekly reset was yesterday, your story just isnt adding up

you’re right, It was 3 hours before reset
and I got banned after the reset, which is pretty much 2nd week for Vykas

alright well either way its extremely unlikely you will get unbanned since tickets got you nowhere and AFAIK bans are not ever delt with on the forums, Decent chance this forum post will just get ghosted like all others before it.

If you want to continue playing lost ark I suggest looking into finding a way to play on RU or just play another game operated by more experienced publishers who have experience in the gaming industry and dont have management that has zero gaming experience and literally transferred from a book sales department at amazon

Ye, that doesn’t mean I’m just gonna sit and accept an unfair ban, everyone gets copy-and-pasted answers :<
I read sum people with topics that got their ban lifted after seeking for help here.
And yep, wasting 3k just to get banned… Amazon games isn’t being helpful at all but I gotta give it a try

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Fair Enough but when you consider AGS usually ghosts this type of topic or really just refuses to give a definitive answer on anything Ban related or TOS related I would be shocked if anything comes of this thread

Hello @Rblav and @WolfRocket, welcome to the forums!

@Rblav I’m very sorry you are having this issue, unfortunately here in the forums no mod or live chat representatives are able to see or access any information regarding bans, the recommendation I can give you is that when you make an appeal (Contact Us | Amazon Games) you try to add as much details and information as possible. That department is the only one that can assist you with bans and I understand you have already sent appeals but there is nothing we can do here in the forums.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.


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I was expecting that users would help me by telling me which info they sent to get their ban lifted, or how did they make it to escalate the issue, since “add as much details” just makes me get more copy-and-pasted answers :cry:
Also I found this on steam community




must be some idiotic bug then, decent chance its because Easy Anticheat is trash, I got an EAC message on tuesday when my network took a crap that being said I clicked the message and it closed the game I didnt press alt F4 or close via task manager, maybe if you closed without clicking Ok it flagged something. Either way EAC is terrible and I have no idea why AGS uses it for Lost Ark when it fails to detect people blatantly botting

You could try contacting Smilegate and complaining to them about your issue it likely wont get you unbanned but it might bring these issues to the attention of Lost Ark’s developers

Its possible its a glitch with easy anticheat and if Smilegate is made aware of it they may push a fix along with forcing publishers to unban players who were banned by this bug

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Hi @Rblav, could you please name your steam profile name for me ?

I would like to know simply because in my experience when users get banned from Lost Ark they also receive a Game Ban on their steam profile.
When users are Blocked from Lost Ark then there is no Game Ban on their steam profile.
It is a simple thing to check and there is no way a steam user can hide any of their bans from their profile no matter the privacy settings so if your steam profile is completely private for whatever reason don’t worry I will still be able to check for Bans.

It could be that you are not Banned but are instead having a network issue.

Sorry @Rblav, in addition to my last.

I just noticed that the pic you posted has the steam name blocked out.
Sorry, I didn’t mean to put you on the spot if your trying to keep steam names private.

The user on that steam thread has a “Game Ban” on record 0 days ago.

If you or anyone else has a Game Ban on their steam profile then their only course of action is to appeal their ban by creating a web ticket.
Appeal a ban web ticket link below
Appeal a ban - Support | Amazon Games

Best of luck.

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@mick437 It’s weird because I don’t have any VAC on my steam profile and, I didn’t want to show the username from the guy on steam because I don’t know him but he has the VAC thing

Whenever I try to open the game and login I get a msg like this one Banned for cheating but i didnt do anything wrong?

Also: I cant post on the forums with my account because of the ban

@Rblav yeah from my experience reading here it sounds like when you get a game ban from lost ark you can not post on the forum here either.

The only option I can see for you is to appeal your ban.

As suggested in the image you posted…
My best advice with your appeal ticket is to include as much information as you can, like the information you have here in this thread and anything else you think might be relevant to your appeal.
Of course you should remain polite because you are asking them to do something for you.
If your not satisfied with a response on a ticket I do believe you have the right to create another ticket.