Got region locked during Travel, help

East America Adrinne server player.

This Christmas I decided to do a month long travel from NA to Singapore. The first night there, I got region locked to South America, any other region showed “Region close and cannot be selected”.

The next step I took was using a vpn, since I actually had the same problem before when I traveled within U.S… VPN worked for me for two nights, soon after a game crash, I got locked in South America again. Now nothing works, I tried swapping all possible regions for my vpn, even tried other vpns, I just couldn’t get to East America region.

I have a legion group, and we were aiming to finish gate 6 tonight… Now I’m just keeping the 7 others waiting. They can find randoms but I wanna be there. Please help.

i believe you need to submit a ticket on the website and they will lock you to your wanted region i’m not sure tho Error Message: The Region is Closed and Can't Be Selected - Support | Amazon Games

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Thanks man I will try that

good luck man and let me know if get it sorted so i can advice others to start using this aswell when they get region locked

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Alright, I just submitted my ticket, cross fingers

Just so you know OP, you are not alone in that situation. I am also locked just like you if I try to launch through steam. I had to renew my Geforce membership just to be able to play some pvp last night. I placed a ticket and im still waiting for support

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Try using without warp. Hopefully it will direct your dns to the right route

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Update, I sent them a ticket and got the respond, LOL, sadge.

Looks like its not gonna be solved until I get back.