Got scammed on Argos Bus - EUC


I have to let you know that ******and *****are scammers.

Tonight I bought an argos boost, as my first boost ever.

Right before P3 I had to buy a gem for the price they set.

As you will see below, I had to buy a gem from the guy ****,

But ccidently, I have bought a gem of another guy from the party, from ***** guy.

That same ******guy (probably) posted another gem or just ingnored the fact that his gem was bought.

Nelow instead was ignorant and didn’t want to understand what is happening since he didnt recieve the gold.

***** all along is trying to help me make them understand what is going on.

Instead of trying to undertand the situtaion they stopped the raid and ***** just kicked me immediatly.

What can I do in that case?

I can’t even PM those guys.

I got really confused at the end and maybe wrote some nonesense,
as im trying to tell them the 3 gems that bought are included mine, and maybe some other guy didnt buy the necessary gem as payment.

So just so you know - there ARE scammers in this game.


MODERATOR EDIT: Please hide player names in the public forum. You can pass on reports via a ticket. Many Thanks


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don’t bus idk, stealing is legal since ags will do nothing about it

edit : wait why are u creating multiple topics lol

Sucks that this happened, but this is exactly why I ALWAYS tell the people that I’m bussing for to double check everything. Also I only use t1 acc for this very reason, it’s so much more confusing with gems. Not much you can do at this point other than live and learn. Most likely what happened was that they’d think the other guy bought the gem you bought, so the other guy basically got the run for free.

Always ask and double check, it’s a lot harder than just “have the other guy mail you the gold”, because what if you’re the scammer and didn’t buy the gem assigned to you? Now you’re in conflict with another bus rider.

This is exactly one of the many reasons I don’t buy an Argos Bus.

And I got called a moron and inefficient on Reddit for it.

I don’t particularly have anything against busses. If people want them, then fine.

But it’s too easy to get scammed, the paying process is a mess and overly complicated. And on top of it, I’d like to actually play the game :sweat_smile:

I believe you OP. But if you put yourself in their shoes, you could have tried to scam them as well.

You can’t trust players in this game.

Bussing is a thing in this game and at this point, I don’t understand why there’s no easy system in place to make the paying process better.

Make a lobby with a price you deposit while joining. Bus drivers and money recievers are defined, and after a clear cash out occurs. If no clear, deposit gets refunded. Done. No scams.

Since it’s a player driven economy I don’t see why they don’t just flat out implement a bus system into the game.

It’s so wide spread to even hurl inults to someone not wanting to use one… :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the info, but call outs are prohibited on the forums so…

you can form a revenge group of scammed people here. Idea is you join the bus group then all agree to stop the raid after phase 1 since most payments are asked after phase 2

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That’s why it’s easier to pay through mail (from same server). But to do that Crystal aura needs to be active…
The safest method is meet in capital city and trade gold in game but it’s only work if you play in same server.

Whichever Moderator censored the names, thanks for nothing.

The names of scammers should be published to avoid further victims.
Creating a ticket is the biggest waste of time for players. You deal with the standard support, if their guide allows it, they will “escalate” the ticket to incompetent people. Here you get stuck forever, and nothing will change.


What’s the fucking point of hiding names? Are you saying they are free to keep scamming? Fucking ridiculous. Whoever censored this is a smooth brain.

maybe use EU bus discord ?

this the main reason i wont buy a bus for my alts until there is a legit interaction menu for bussing its a gamble if you get scammed or not.
my advice is find a couple cool people and do carry for carry with them usually adding them on discord helps too

If the busdrivers dont designate a specific gem to a specific buyer, they are badly organized and should be called out for it. If they do it correctly than simply dont buy a gem if you see your specific listing existing more than once. Why would you buy anything, if you see it twice? The bait is so obvious. Let the drivers know and they can whisper you a new and different listing.

I dont see how you can scammed here unless the driver is dishonest, recieves the gold and still says he didnt. I mean it requires minimum brain power.

long time ago i posted name of gold sellers and my Screenshots also got removed. But many others, which do witch hunt and post name of scammers, bad players, people who maybe use rmt / hacks etc., their posts don’t get remove. That’s unfair. Either you remove everything or not. But not some get special treatment

this is why i bus for free, impossible to be scammed 5 head

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There is so much slander going on against people, who are “bad at the game”, with name calling, screenshots of their character page and so on. None of that got removed. It’s the community, that goes and flags it. But that still doesn’t remove the contents, or prevent the contents from being looked at.

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Well I reccomend you buy carry runs only from trusted ppl join discord server or from guildmates they will not scam u in 99% cases ( no 100% cuz they can scam u anyway)

There won’t ever be because bussing is not officially supported. Players are free to participate in it because it’s not against ToS, but you do so at your own risk.

Please stop polluting the forums :slight_smile:

If they did P1 and P2 and only kicked you, you was the problem and probably the scammer.

You did a mistake and bought another gem instead. Next time learn how to buy a gem and verify than is the one you’re looking for. So many firstimers make mistakes buying other ppl gems and then asking “I haven’t enought gold” to get a free carry lmao.

As a busser I’m really tired of folks like you op because there is always a guy who don’t know how to buy a gem and we ending spending 30++minutes just to do the payment.

I got scammed as a busdriver once…
I placed a gem 123 bid, 1800 buy
So one guy of the group made a bid on my stone so it changed to like 200 and placed the same stone for 123 bid, 1800 buy… Hard to guess who manipulated that one, would be nice to know who bought your stuff…
Well, lesson learned… Never place a low bidprice on gems!