Got this bad boi after 2169 hours of play time

so will i get banned because AGS stupid system think i’m RMT because some zoomer snipe it with bots gold ? @Roxx

i will sell it later , mark this post for " i told u so "

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unless u bought gold via rmt, you won’t get a RMT ban. And not for a 100k item at that lol. Sold several 150k+ things the last few weeks even (reaper earring & adre 5 grudge 3 95qual neck) and nothing like that.

obviously more then half of it goes undiscovered, and its not about tracking. Its about all those “oh my i was falsly accused and banned after selling item X” when they do it obvious af :smiley: cheers

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AGS cant track anything only the really dumb trades like level 1-3 gems for 100k+ gold which is really surprising to me because they could easily make an algorithm that can flag sus transactions and they just check those transaction afterwards.

They have all the data (average price, average price in interval, how many same items were in the AH). Because lets be honest, if there is a T3 relic accessory that worth 100 gold, AH is full with it and recent price 0(because everybody buying BiS) and someone just sell one of these trash for 400k gold, thats pretty sus.

yes they can “doofus”. If you make several trades in the 100k’s for random lv1 gems, see what happens. Would be better if you go back to insulting people and the state of the game then trying to be a smart one :slight_smile:

lol meanwhile, in reality, people have bought hundreds of millions of gold buying several different things, like t1 garbage accessories without ever catching a ban.

all you got are words you read from these forums and reddit to regurgitate as evidence.

No you won’t. Unless you actually RMT. Go look T1 and T2 recent sold prices. No one is getting banned.

well, you could get banned if you sell it for market price, and someone with rmt gold buy it.
as long as the buyer is not using rmt gold…

yea such a shame their detection algoritms is so primitive, also i remember thread on this forum, guy sended 21k gold to friend so he can buy a skin and they was banned for RMT xD after multiple requests in support answer was like “we have evidence of ur guiltness” and some time after they got unbanned because it was falls ban, i am wondering where all this “evidences” disappeared :clown_face:

I also kind of thought that from all the post about being banned .On the 2nd or 3rd week the scouter was out I got a necklace 93% q crit,spec with +5 legacy and I sold it for 250k everything was all good and I got some gold :slight_smile: I even went so far as taking a screenshot when I got it and when I put it in the AH… overkill on my part.

No people are not getting banned for selling on the AH.

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AGS don’t ban for selling things in the AH, all those ppl saying that are actually real RMTers bro, i sold 1 level 10 gem and afew of 150k+ accs and im fine. Even if someone buys it with RMT gold nothing will happen to you

Those are rumors spread by ppl who hate this game and want to make it look bad.

This is 1000% fake cuz there is not a single evidence that it happened before, stop spreading fake ass rumors
There has been people claiming that they got banned by mistake for selling things on AH, but they might be RMTers we don’t know.

So you dont know its fake. Then dont claim its fake.

Evidence ? Hahaha.
You tell me what would be the evidence that they are innocent / not innocent. I am very Curious about that.

Lets say you get banned and you did nothing wrong.
You could have screenshots, recorded everything, but - so what ? Nobody cares. Either ppl would say its edited, or that u did rmt, and in the end it doesnt matter what some dumbos say - cause its up to support, and support seems to be clueless, therefore wheter ur innocent or not, you cant really prove it or disprove it because the judge wont let you speak up.

You know when you will know that there are false bans happening ? When you get banned. Then you will know :smiley:

Absolutely nothing. i do this every week.

Please stop coping about things you have no clue about.

The issue about bans and RMT is that we have no concrete insider information about how exactly it works. In new world for example, players were able to datamine and check how their autoflagging algorythms worked, especially regarding fishing and dupes. I haven’t seen any of this in lost ark so far. All we have is tiny bits of info from people here and there.

I usually try to listen more to the people selling gold instead of buying it, cause these folks usually have no reason to lie. They admittedly were sellers, got caught, end of the story. From my limited understanding getting mass reported will most likely get you banned if you are involved in RMT, simply because some AGS employee will check your account manually (due to the reports).

I have seen cases where the buyer gets banned after being reported (guild v guild drama) but their regular seller did not, which makes this theory more likely. Worth mentioning that after scouting rmt discord servers for months, i can count on my fingers the amount of gold sellers that got banned. Simply because AGS has no means of detecting it, which is sad.

There are a lot of posts about false bans, each claiming different things. Some reported being automatically banned the moment they claimed gold from a sold gem through their mail, some claim other similar things. The truth is that they may be legitimate players, but we simply have no means of confirming that.

Before asking, the reason i send low level gems for a lot of gold is because i have a group of people who gamble level 10 gems, we are from different servers and split the cost of each gamble. lower gains but lower losses.

and what about guy who sent 21k gold to a friend? i wrote this story a bit yearlier in this thread.

also was few posts where people was banned for selling a gem/item and was unbanned later. it’s cant be 1000% fake because every automated system can make a mistake u know :smiley:

Yes it is 100% fake. All of my friends/ guildies wtc has been selling items since the start of the game, none get banned, you know who are the only ones that got banned? ppl doing RMT eZZZZZZZZ

Thats all fake, look at this

“Omg i got banned cuz i sent my friend 1k gold” would you believe me? I can easily take a few pics and make it looks legit

Im saying that yeah false positives bans are a thing but not from the AH

Enjoy your drop and the gold the follows. In reality RMTers are using mule accounts to accept the dirty gold, purchasing honing materials then sending those materials to their main and selling at a slight loss for get the “cleaned” gold back or just using the mats. Not that you’d be able to detect it OP, but hopefully AGS would follow the trail. Until they get serious about banning RMTers for more than 30 days the problems will continue. I’d think they’d already be aware of this, but who knows.

yeah that is the point i make this post , so i have something to laugh at if i actually get banned