Got warned in Boss Rush (Hard)

I finally made it to 1490. I am not a great player, I’m an old guy who still likes to play games. I have trudged through LA mostly on my own. I never wanted to jeopardize anyone elses game by wiping the whole team, so I’ve stuck to non-legion raids and such. Anyway, after getting to 1490 I wanted to try the hard Boss Rush, got a ticket and did a Matchmaking for the 1490 level. Went in like I always have in the non-hard levels, was fighting as I normally would, and I got a message that I had been warned and if another player warned me I would get kicked out. They didn’t say why. It came up again, apparently from the same player because I did not get kicked out. Of course, this threw off my concentration and died a few times, but made it to the end and got the chests. I asked “What did I do to get warned” but everyone was gone. Some guy posted something like “These are free gems, this is not fair”. I don’t understand, as at the end I was #2 for MVP.

I don’t want to screw this up again, so if someone has an idea of what I did, I’d appreciate it if you might be able to figure this out.


Probably they took a look at your engravings wary of bots and thought about kicking you. Take a look at maxroll for the correct stats for your class and get a 5x3 or 4x3 engraving setup plus accessories with the correct swift/crit/spec for the build and no one will warn you.

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Sounds like the person was just being dumb. It’s boss rush. The only time warnings should be given is if the person is AFK or if it’s obvious they are a bot.


perhaps u didnt use auto skip cutscene :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks. I may be average, but I know to ESC the cut sceens! :grinning:

I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t doing something wrong. I’ve done Boss Rush a lot (obviously), as most of my gems are currently 7. I may have the wrong engravings, but I do have a 4x3, as an igniter sorc.

hard to say really, unless u got a recording

i got voted few times in lower t3 boss rush too while i was checking if the team has the dps to pull or i should swap to my dps set on support

ppl do all sorts of dumb things now days so anything is possible

Guy probably lost some card XP and a few mins of playtime because you didn’t dps enough. MVP ranking is not in order, tags can give u an idea about contribution. You should go for legion raids, they are the best part of the game.

it’s just how people are in this game. if you are not the best of the best they cry and try to warn/kick you so you don’t get rewards… if this happens take a screenshot and report those people since it’s against the TOS. and FYI each time someone warns you you will see that popup after 3 warn you they can vote to kick you. so each time it comes up is another player warning you. A lot of people will get 3 friends in a group and just warn kick people to troll so any time it happens in the future please report them in game and as well through Contact Us | Amazon Games and they will make sure justice is served!


ahhh i see, u probably warned because of 4x3 and igniter sorc

theoretically 1490 4x3 especially igniter sorc is not normal and no DPS(way less dps term)

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thanks again all. I’m not the kind of guy who’s going to report anyone. It’s just a game and if it’s that important to them, that’s their life. I was more concerned that there was some difference in the mechanics of Boss Russ 1490 Hard that I was not aware of.

Eventually, since my stuff is strictly 1490 and not honable anymore, I am going to have to get into the end game stuff if I want to proceed. It took me almost a year to get this sorc to 1490, and a ton of materials as you all know. I feel quite fortunate to have made it this far

Thanks again to everyone who responded


I will work on getting to 5x3 for sure. Thanks

Some people are just idiots.

First time i played deskaluda, i was worrying about clearing it, perhaps i got hit twice by her stun and i got warned. Of course, i immediately thought i screwed the whole raid up somehow even though all the guides said this was a chill guardian.

It was an easy clear, just like every other which came afterwards.

So yeah, sucks when that happens when you clear something for the first time, but doesnt matter - in the end such behaviour speaks much more about them than about us.

To me its much more normal and pleasant to explain what others did wrong rather than to pull such shennanigans.

People are narcissistic and frustrated. I suggest you dont take it personally even when you are sure you screwed up.

Everyone screws up until they learn.

If thats actually tje only reason you are avoiding legion raids, i assume you suffer from high anxiety IRL… I suggest exposing yourself to your fears - get out of your comfort zone at least in a game, and maybe it also helps you IRL


just play at your phase dont rush take it slow :slight_smile:

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I’m pretty sure it comes from another player. If you get 3 warnings then it starts the kick vote and it’s very likely they will kick you then, since they all saw fit to warn you.

This could be one off case where two of the players were in same party and they decided to rule you out. They just don’t like your build and that’s it. I think it’s very unlikely players in general would check other players builds in trivial content like boss rush.

If I’m playing support or have a weak below 1415 alt I do look other players build in Oreha, so in case we don’t have a decent chance to complete it I would call out a quit. This is particular when there’s two supports. Sometimes we’ve even had 4 supports and few times we’ve still managed to clear it.

I have been once, and only that once, kicked out, and out of all possible places, Deskaluda when I was doing it 3-5 th time. It wasn’t the first run but it was one of the first ones. I have never been warned in turtle for example, which then I’ve found it intresting to see these discussions about other players being kicked out from there. It not only hasn’t happened to me, but I’ve never seen it happen either, since for myself it would take a lot for me to warn another player in that content.

When I reached turtle, I had only 3x3. I now have an 1460 alt which yet also has only 3x3. Still no warnings.

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Thanks again everyone. I appreciate the feedback - all of it!

I have 4x3 on both of my 1490 characters. It really doesn’t matter for boss rush.

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Honestly just solo it. It’s not worth the 3 day soft ban you get if the automated ban system is triggered.


Theres dumb people playing this game too so dont be worried, also in my server that its SA exist people that warn just for “fun” and kick for “fun”, prob you think how do i know that, cuz i was in discord with such people and literally they say “lets kick this bud” i mean dude why? idk the sense doing that xD, but yeah theres dumb and special people in any server.


You say you’ve avoided legion raids does that mean you’re full legendary +20? (and have no relic set pieces) That could be why but I wouldn’t let it bother you, as someone else said as long as you’re not afk or a bot I’d never warn/kick a person in BR hard or normal


idk people like to troll I also got warned on my bard and I got told that I’m useless and that I should use a dps setup wtf, like sorry that I’m playing a support?? and that I don’t have a dps setup on each of my bards (5 and 1 pala)… But not just boss rush I met other toxic people during cubes where i just stand in middle with betrayal on and was told im afking when im not but i dont deal damage and betrayal does it for me so what am I supposed to do… and also on legion raids too, they think they are so good and bully others because I didn’t use balthorr at x138 bars on Valtan, i didn’t even understand but apparently they had a lot of dps and wanted to push and skip the pillar breaks, but I’m just used to use balthorr exatly when he does the mech around x128-6ish because if I use earlier he jumps or charges and the buff expires…and at the end I used thirain bc balthorr wasnt up when we needed so I thought I will use it and then we can get another thriain up at the end… and they literally told me im braindead and to uninstall etc. like i do sidereals in every raid and I never had issues with it and i never missed…