Error " gox9-spelpwp1p2nt" and other connection based error codes 0PELPWP1F2NT have still not been fixed after over 2 months. Only a small population of the player base seems to be getting these errors, especially in NA, however it is an extremely detrimental one to the gameplay of lost ark. I find that whenever I experience the error it is typically at the end of any given instance; guardian raids, abyss dungeons, Argos and even after the end of tower floors. This then causes me to miss out on loot permanently for some activities if I am alone. Guardian souls cannot be collected unless I have a friend wait in the lobby for me, Gold chests from Argos/Abyss raids cannot be claimed unless once again someone waits (I do still receive phase rewards normally) however tower floors will sometimes be needed to be cleared again from the last floor I failed. I had been okay putting up with this much because I could always play with friends and ensure I got my important stuff however just recently a fix for players having stability issues with the game came through to automatically give out re-entry tickets to certain activities if rewards were lost. This fix however specifically does not tailor to people having connection based errors and did not resolve anything. Just recently for the first time I had done an Argos raid and received no rewards despite having my friend wait in lobby upon return to the lobby I was greeted with no phase rewards and was not able to open the chest because I had apparently not been part of the team when they cleared the phase. This is likely because I disconnected before the team had agreed to end the raid after phase 1 and then when I returned it had already ended with me not there, despite this I received no re-entry ticket as I was deemed not worthy by the system. After 2 months having tried every troubleshooting solution I still wait, shocked, that there is still no actual fix to this error I would like to ask as to why a certain few fixes cannot be implemented as there may be genuine reasons to why. Does the game need to close after a disconnect error, can we not change this to send you to main menu which may save some cases where I can make it back to the lobby quickly rather than waiting for the games very long start up. Can we no hold lobbies for disconnected players or just in general for a small amount of time (2 mins max) to allow for players to re enter if they specifically did not click the leave button or use song of escape. I would also like to hear any progress there has been if possible, or at least when it comes, on the error itself ty.

Characters effected: Ivl Makokofarmer Asheborn Gladivos Gunstaff Glacioclasm
Server: Una NA East
ISP: Virgin Media

oh dont worry the ppl who are getting these issues are more and more every day, and there are multiple posts about it on forums every few hour xD

Might be mean to say but I am happy more people are getting the error, sucks more people gotta go through what I have been for a while but more chance of it getting fixed.

That’s not exactly true. Most of those affected already quit. They are gone… so it still affects small population. And will continue to, as people just get fed up and quit.