Grand Prix Electrocution Stuns

Can we please have a diminishing return on the npc electrocution stuns in the grand prix? It’s really frustrating to be in first place and get chain stunned for 30 seconds straight after getting hit once.

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Happens almost every single time. God forbid you get hit once because you’ll be there for a long time being unable to do anything but watch everyone else get lucky and run past.

Same with those birds - the red circle is barely visible and if you get hit by one you will get hit by every other bird too.

I’ve stopped doing these events because they’re so frustrating and even after buying everything in the shop I still have thousands of those coins left over. Looking forward to Thursday when we’ll probably be getting 200 more guardians stones as an amazing progression gift.

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Win the race. Get 1080 tokens.

Come in dead last. Get 710 tokens.

Likely to have 5000-10000 spare tokens when the event concludes? Probably.

I’m not dismissing getting stunned locked isn’t fun, but it’s also only a casual race event that’s here for two weeks. For every time you have been stuck in the lightning for 30 seconds, I bet you have also had a race where you have been able to sail through and barely get hit once.

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Completely agree here. First race I was in I got chain stunned for like 30-45 seconds and wanted to straight up rage quit. Second race I did same thing happened. That was the last race I’ve done. This is not fun at all. Make the competition be about the players, not a random stage effect that knocks you out of the game completely. I get enough coins from quests fortunately that I don’t need to bother with the races anymore.

This reminds me Mario Kart GameBoy on Star Cup Super Rainbow race track you get pretty much constantly knock off the track if you get hit by a falling star

Honestly winning or losing isnt the issue to me, because as you said the token difference is negligible. It’s the fact of not getting to play the game for up to a minute because of bad design that’s annoying. I just feel that after like 10 seconds you shouldn’t be able to be stunned by the same npc anymore.


Said this in the other thread on this and ill say it again. If they bring this event back in the future they should either redesign that stretch to be more in line with the rest of the track or just remove it from the game completely. The other day I got stun locked there for almost the entire duration of the race. I didnt even make it close to the finish line. Meanwhile if I get stunned by any other environmental hazards on the track its a minor setback. Its just way too punishing.

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Arkesia Grand Prix Season 2

New obstacles!

  • Darkness
  • Fear Missle
  • Fire with Ignite, stuns as heat meter max out, can spread fire effect to teammate

And a whole lotta of new goodies!

Some people just want to watch the world burn :sweat_smile: :upside_down_face:

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