Grand prix event

I couldn’t find a suggestion section so imma drop this here.
Extend the honing books til the 28th.
Everyone and their mother expected the lance master to drop on the 14th since the login event ends that date. You guys (Amazon/Smilegate)knew it wasn’t coming and withheld that information for whatever reason. So to make up for it you CAN and SHOULD change the exipration date on the honing books. I’m sitting on a stack of t2 books that i was planning on using for lancer but can’t now…


But that would decrease the need to pay for resources and gold with real money.

So, nope. :moneybag:

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i understand your sentiment but just for lance master you should have more than enough books for her just from the guardian raid event if you saved them, unless…

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Haven’t really been “lucky” when honing so i still feel i dont have enough books.
And if i were to have more over shit might just make an alt if i feel like it but i highly doubt it.

regardless there’s only so many books you can ever need, with stronghold research you probably only ever “need” books for 14->15. well i suppose you could do 4 breaths + 1 book for 80% hones if you have extras

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Fair enough but there are t3 books aswell.
They def should do something for us other than letting the playerbase down.




No plans on extending it further, as the reward NPC will disappear when the event ends and the content is tied to the current build (and is not a part of the April update build).

That was Roxx answer on another thread about the same topic .