Grand Prix Honing Material Level Requirements - Clarification

Hello @roxx and team! Wanted to start by saying you guys are doing a great job communicating and staying positive despite the current swirling climate here in the forums. I for one appreciate it, and want to say thanks!

I’m hoping to get some specific clarity around the Honing Materials for the Grand Prix event, as I have not been able to find a AGS team members response specific to these materials.

Are the Honing Materials from the Grand Prix event going to remain item level locked? I know the books were unlocked, but the honing mats are not. I wasn’t sure if this was a fallout defect from the patch (they happen for sure!), or if this is truly intended and those mats will not be unlocked for all levels regardless.

The language and confirmation so far has been vague around this, as the patch notes were confusing, and I’ve read messages saying ‘They were fixed’, but never explicitly stated the honing materials.

Thank you in advance for reading this, and hopefully this gets a dev team/ags team response!

Pretty sure they meant to keep the mats locked behind item level, they were just really vague with their notes.

If that weren’t the case, i’d imagine they would have fixed it in reset patch as the engravings were adjusted before then.

I thought the same mdevilb, but am hoping we can get some concrete information so we can properly plan as players.

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Weird question… what server are you on? I am looking into this now


This is the case on Valtan - only the skill books have had the level restriction removed - T3 mats still need 1302 IL

Same on Trixion. I thought we would get t3 mats ilvl req also lifted.

Thanks for the quick replies! Going to sort this out and get an update


Isn’t this coming on the next week’s patch instead of this week?

Tailoring Books and Metallurgy Books will be added as rewards next week, but I’m going to double check on the item level restrictions for the current honing mats


Will we get the books for T1/T2 only? Is T3 included? If yes to the later, can we use those books above ilvl 1370?
Many thanks in advance


@Roxx Also on EUC - Zinnervale still locked,
if it was intended to be unlocked in the last hotfix we basically missed rewards for the whole week due to poor implementation…


Thank you so much for replying Roxx!!! I’m on NA-East Avesta.

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Una NAE is still locked, i think its safe to assume its locked for all servers.

Can you please ask them to remove (or greatly increase) weekly purchase caps on event rewards? I’m not trying to be rude, but if the weekly purchase cap isn’t removed or at least increased and the new guardian event is anything like the grand prix, this solution does not work. Having the books or not won’t matter because the amount of materials we’ll be able to get from this events will be so miniscule in the grand scheme of our honing attempts, that it will not make any difference for most players.


We’ll have more details on the new plans coming next week, but I hear ya – regardless, this won’t be the only event to earn honing materials in, and we’ll have more opportunities and events that offer more honing mats as rewards in the future too


So, I was able to get clarity on this!

It is correct, you are not able to earn honing materials for a tier if you are not at that level (so 1302 for T3). Each tier is still respective to it’s item level requirement and this stands true for the pouches, leapstones, etc.

I understand the want to be able to stock up on items for the future, so I’ll pass the feedback along



As they are not tradeable there is really no logic behind not allowing us to buy them
I have 2k coins left over after buying everything i am allowed to buy, so by next week i have loads of coins, and only a few items to buy

Not everyone has passed T1 yet just for the record


Same on Slen / EU-C

Yeah, this is kind of a strange decision… If i’m on the T3 i should be able to buy T3 mats, but can’t because i’m 1100, would be cool if we could remove this restriction but whatever! Thankx Roxx for the quick responde you guys are awesome