Grand Prix Honing Material Level Requirements - Clarification

Hi Roxx, would a better solution for this maybe to make selectable pouches that currently already exist in the game? It would allow players to just hoard or immediately use as they please, I think would be great for everyone at any tier!

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This is an incredibly stingy decision, as there’s currently not enough in the store to spend all your coins on even if you buy everything. It’s also not what the patch notes said was going to happen (due to being poorly written as you say this is intended).

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Hey there! Could you provide us a HD Zoomed picture of the skins coming next week ?

Though i wish it would be an other answer.
Thanks a lot for your responce and your effort.

There is logic because you impact the economy even if it’s untradeable. It’s items you would be hoarding and less reason for you to interact with the market. Thank god SG came in and gave the NOPE on this just like every other server. You get the items when you get to the respective tiers.

I know you intend for this to mean there are not enough items in the store but they will read this to mean that the items don’t cost enough. Their “solution” will probably be to double or triple prices.

Having the honing materials be “bound to roster” would be a huge quality of life improvement, especially when we have new classes coming “on an accelerated schedule” who would never have had the opportunity to take advantage of the one time only island quest drops.

As others have said, I have literally bought everything usable for a tier 3 character today, still have over a thousand coins left in the bank and a week to hoard more. I am waiting for Destroyer class to level a second character until then I will have a huge surplus of coins and nowhere to spend them.

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Thank you for getting clarity on this @roxx!! Appreciate you following up so quickly! Cheers!!

Can you please also pass along that we would like materials roster bound instead of character bound? If characters advance a tier the remaining ones are essentially useless.

  • Removed the purchase limitation by item level at the Arkesia Grand Prix exchange so that players can now earn more rewards.

Not to sound like a dumpy diapers but maybe we should choose better wording or be more specific when writing patch notes. Because this makes it sound like ALL limitations by ILVL were being removed.

This would have helped players tremendously. Being able to prepare a little bit of mats for the next tier. They cant be sold so I see no reason on having them locked behind ILVL.

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this is actually really fantastic to hear. do note though that events like this should not be treated as a replacement for the content that NA/EU is missing. like the challenge guardians and the challenge abyss dungeons. IMO, these should take priority and come BEFORE valtan as thats how it was in every other region. would be nice to get the honing rate increase prior to valtan as well as, again, every other region had it before valtan released

I thought the honing rate increased in other servers when Valtan was released?

next week? holy… thats quick

honing rates came before valtan as a catch up of sorts so people could get to valtan easier. im like 99% sure of that, but i could of course be wrong. just incase ill alrer my statement. Challenge guardians, challenge abyss, and honing rates need to be here either before OR on Valtans release.

COME ON DUDDE! . Some of us are stuck at T2 and we can not get the mats. I have so many coins I can not spend as it is . Let us Stock up on T3 mats. What does it matter what our GS is. these mats are bound. Not like we can sell them. it will just help us get threw that 1340/1370 Deadzone Honing rates you guys are not willing to change.

Only 2.3% (Around 11k players of the 500k playing) of the playerbase are in T3. That is super super Low. I expect most are just entering t2 now. 97% of the playerbase will not be able to even use a 3rd of their coins as the limits are sooo soo low and we can not collect t3 mats. I already have over 1500 stocked up I can not spend and bought everything up in the vendor. And it is only week 1 of the event

In the patch notes it says:

  • Removed the purchase limitation by item level at the Arkesia Grand Prix exchange so that players can now earn more rewards.

Then, we get

So, there seems to be a purchase limitation by item level. I don’t get why the original patch notes are so vague. I think we all would prefer detailed patch notes rather than the shortened vague ones that turn out to be incorrect.

I thought they was adding more mats to the rewards.
I logged in earlier and it was like 300 of the T3 mats, FOR THE WEEK.
That would be great if you didn’t need like 20000 of them to get from 1340 to 1370.
Going to take a week off as its not even worth logging in for chaos dungeons when the rewards are nothing, will see what happens next week before I decide if I will continue to play.

NOPE just the dumb books that give you like 10% better odds. So that means nothing for most of us as our RNG will be trash. They will be adding more events that will offer mats in there. like the PVP Rewards. But like 90% of the playerbase does not play Lost Ark for the PVP. So they are forced into a chore to get them

Understand the game will not get better until the Legion Raids drop. It was the same way in KR. They are just copying that format