Gratitude Gift Pack Expired

“Gratitude Gift Decoration Pack” and “Gratitude Gift Item Pack” expired while within my product inventory. How can I proceed? This is infuriating due to the new cosmetics matching the previous packages, and makes it extremely discouraging to play the game knowing you are missing something off the bat.


Hello @Slime

I hope you are doing well.

I’m sorry for the expired in-game item. In this case, I request you to submit a Web Ticket to our Support Staff using the below mentioned link so that they can check if it’s possible to restore the item.

I hope this helps. Cheers! :tada:

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Okay, I have submitted one. It would not make any sense if I am not able to have my items redelivered, it would definitely kill the feeling of wanting to play the game if I miss out on rewards for simply taking a break. Thanks for the help.

They said they basically can’t help me, even though according to this post and this GM (Product Inventory - Expiration), my items shouldn’t expire, hence why I didn’t claim them.

I’m sorry for the issue @Slime

As Santoryu mentioned in the other post, If the particular item’s description states that it would expire if not claimed within the set period of time, it will be automatically removed from the inventory.

Also, Item/character restoration is part of the Lost Ark Courtesy Service. Where in some cases, the item/character is not recoverable anymore once deleted/expired. That’s the reason our Support Staff was unable to restore the item for you.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.

See you in Arkesia. :magic_wand:

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The item’s description stated no expiration date to claim by. That is why I am confused.

Thanks for the additional information @Slime

Could you please provide the character and server name so that I can escalate it to our team for further investigation.

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Character name: Sadboys
Server: Valtan

Item should have been delivered in March to my account.

Thanks for the response @Slime

I have escalated this issue to our team and will keep you posted once I get an update from them.

Have a good one. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds good.

I wanted to further elaborate that I never claimed the item on a character, it was in my Product Inventory when it disappeared, or I was never delivered the items in the first place in March when I should have been since everyone got theirs.

Hello @Slime

Thanks for your patience.

I have received an update from our team and they found out that the Gratitude Pack was never delivered to you in the first place. They can confirm that it was never in your Product Inventory.

In order to get the Gratitude Pack, you needed to be active during the days it was distributed to the players. Unfortunately we don’t have a way to check if you were active during those days since it’s been almost 10 months since the pack was distributed.

As a result, The Gratitude Pack is no longer available. I’m sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.

Have a good one. :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :wolf:

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I was active… I literally have proof and videos of me being online during that time. I find it ridiculous that I cannot simply have the cosmetics + house decorations that everyone else has sent to me. It takes you guys 2 minutes, affects no one else except for me, and has no impact on the game whatsoever. I will be quitting this game if this is the way paying customers are being treated.

Does any of this matter to you? @ThunderWolf

I’m sorry for the inconvenience @Slime

As I mentioned, Since the items were distributed about 10 months ago. Our team is unable to investigate the issue further and we won’t be able to provide the Gratitude Pack.

You can always submit your feedback through the Game Feedback - Lost Ark Forums section.

Have a good one. :magic_wand:

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What about just the Mokoko Pet and Board Mount? I don’t care for the whole pack. @ThunderWolf

Thanks for the additional query @Slime

Unfortunately our team has no option to provide any item from the pack as the items were distributed way back and the items cannot be added to players’ inventory now.

I hope this answers your query. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello @ThunderWolf

I see. Well, from your perspective I’m sure you can understand how frustrating it is to be a real human being and see only bots and robot players running around with the cosmetics that you want and can’t acquire anymore. I will be quitting this game. I should honestly be thanking you from saving me from the hours wasted.

Have a good one. :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :wolf:

Oh I found a solution. I’ll just buy an account that has those skins. Thanks for your help!