Great Announcement, but some points were missed

First off, Let’s start by congratulating the team for finally being (somewhat) transparent with the community. We needed this message and it did adress most of our concerns.

But, i can’t help but feel that some points were missed/completely ignored or are being taken to wrong direction.

  • To start, the message states that the outrage involving the Argos update was because it was “Released too quickly” and coused by the scarcity of honing materials - in which we can all agree its true - and the reason for that was that the players spent to much time on colectables (?), Bots incresing the prices and RMT.
    But that just seems very strange to me. if they really “analyzed player data” from other regions, they should’ve known that, when Argos was released, the other regions had PLENTY of ways to aquire materials. ways that we DON’T have, plus better honing chances.
    I don’t know why they completely disregarded those points and blamed the failure of our Argos launch on it being released too early, Bots, RMT and Players not reaching the ilvl they intended.
    That scares me very much, because plenty of people -including myself- had already voiced those points, but they ignored it.

  • My second concern is tied to the first one:

Fun in-game events are great and i understand that it’s the best choice you guys have considering the short amount of time in hands to adress the situation before it excalates out of hand too quickly. But, at the end of the day, this is just putting a band-aid on a deep wound.
As most of the forum and i stated on various posts, we need the INBETWEEN content that justified Argos being released. Content that we don’t have that are extremely important on the journey from 1340 to 1370.
Also, i don’t know about injecting gold right know with so many bots roaming aroud. i’m no economist, but that’s just gonna couse the prices to go up even more, no ? if people have more money but less materials, isn’t it gonna make them more expensive ? having in mind that now sellers will know that people have the means to spend? please correct me if i’m wrong, cause i’m on the fence here.

  • My third and final concern lies here: CHARACTER BOUND MATERIALS.
    Once again, a problem that was not touched in the message but voiced a lot throught the forum. there is no reason for a t3 character to be stuck with 1k+ t2 materials that cannot be used to upgrade your alts. A problem that other regions do NOT have.

I’m relieved to know that things are being done, happy that changes are comming and excited that our (some of them) feedback is being taken.
But as a consumer that is willing to spend money on a game, i want the bread, not just the crums.