Hello, what should i do for this quest?


on reddit (link is at the end of my response) oreno2 said:
“During marine events you gain keys. Then you can go to the “gates of xxxxx” events (the big white whirlpools on the world map), at the end you will be able to open chests with those keys. The chests are the ocean gifts.”

you can check how many keys you already have by opening inventory then change to storage tab, inside this will be sailing material tab and at the end of it, at very bottom will be your keys


Thank you.

Dont be that much happy about the answer - I have read the reddit post earlier, then I have spent more than 2 hours sailing around from one sailing coop quest to another and I never got a single key.

How to get this is not explained anywhere, there is no YT video about this, if you ask in global chat you get no answer - I gave up.
Maybe it is locked behind some progress or ilvl - I dont know.

Another poorly explained mechanic of the game.


I remember , i got these from a sailin event. Probably rescue one or the color race one.

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Grats to you then - this is mine after completing several coop quests:



i think you get one after you finish co-op sailing event, but only on 100%. Im not sure about that 100%, but im sure you get them from that co-op sailing events. You have to shoot jellyfishes or treasure hunt and so on

Did the sailing co-op in Vern the first time today because I got the quest for the island token for Revelry Row. Got two Harmony keys from the first and third leg of the co-op. It might be RNG, or it might be performance based. I had Platinum on the first part (My game froze and I had to restart on the second part) then I had Gold level contribution on the third part (got there late because I had to restart the game).

Could be Performance based in the co-op or RNG to get keys. I might of had higher contribution rates because I was in a 4 person group. So if you’re doing this solo, try it in a group.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

I just got it on bronze so its completely rng

The keys drops is rng AFTER you reach minimal participation of bronze.

But it never hurts to hit Silver, Gold and Platinum tier of participation.

More Roster exp + Silver

Another rng bs, this should be granted !

I have saved my keys from the last couple co op events North South East and West.
I am just waiting for the Gate events to use them.
Swan Goddess answer is correct. In the event progression box really small in the right top corner you will see a bronze or silver or gold teeney tiny little badge.
Not in my pic obviously, the event ended.
I just wanted to show that you do earn keys (group up doing these events) so you get higher badges.