Great game so far... but of course server issues

They should take the servers down until they’ve expanded the server cap, possibly even with new servers, that’s not what i’m contesting; i get that people are angry, but it seems completely out of proportion with what’s actually going on - which is server cap issues - this has been a consistent problem with every single MMO when it launches in the west, for over a decade now. It took Blizzard f.ex. over a decade to getting a passable launch on expansions, to a game which they had detailed metrics and an actual sales number from the box fee to check for server loads.

Just saying, this is completely within the norm of MMO launches in the west. Whether it should be or not is a worthy discussion, but an entirely different one. What i’m saying is that you should’ve expected it, it being an MMO launching in the west given the history of consistent disastrous MMO launches.

That being said, imo the game is great and the fact that i’ve already managed to play 26.6hours according to steam, for an MMO on launch day, is to me impressive - which doesn’t take away from the issue needing to be resolved, but i wonder whether it really warrants this level of hate.

No, it doesn’t warrant this level of hate. Gamers are often entirely far too emotional over this shit.

Having said that, there’s no excuse for this to have happened given the proximity to the new world launch. They should have had systems in place to quickly expand the server capacities, but AGS dropped the ball as usual.

The game itself is thankfully not under the direction of AGS so hopefully it should turn out to be quite decent, once the server issues are sorted out.

I agree, the game is great.

But to throw a curveball out to you.

AGS released New World , not too long ago
Pretty much the same issues
Same complaints

But on this occasion rather than allowing end users to sit in a queue, regardless of queue size they’ve decided to just completely block clients from connecting to the login server.

I’d digress, I personally would prefer to be in a queue of 25k+ than not having the ability to be in a queue at all.

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I do not agree with toxicity or viritol being aimed at the company, but i have to say again;

Stop :clap: Normalising :clap: Terrible :clap: Game :clap: Launches.

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It is quite bizarre that any company would even think about launching an MMO without either overestimating server cap, or find some way to get an actual estimate on interest given f2p. I mean it’s not for a lack of money that’s for sure, especially for a company like Amazon (although their earnings on games are probably miniscule, it is bad for their brand lol).

I’d just wish one company would rather have too many servers than too little, scale down rather than scale up because obviously it doesn’t work.

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They could’ve just taken the servers down and not told us, which is it’s own problem of course. There’s nothing wrong with blocking people from sitting in a queue, as that’s what would happen if you take down (all) the servers, the problem there is the lack of communication.

I personally would also prefer to sit in a queue, but plenty of people are complaining about sitting in queues aswell…

Man I bought the game and I am yet to be able to log in to find out the first of your statement: Great game. I don’t know yet, server queues are hard to beat.

I don’t think that i am?

It’s definently a discussion that need to be had, but a level of civility isn’t too much to ask (given the internet and gamers, big ask i know, but still). It’s just evident that the anger which has always existed towards terrible game launches, isn’t changing the fact that terrible game launches exist, in fact they’ve only gotten worse with time.

It’s a symptom of a bigger problem, not the problem in itself - and the problem is seemingly lack of proper oversight and setting release dates by the time that shareholders or publishers expect returns, instead of release dates by the time that they are 100% ready to give the customer a great experience.

It’s not normal to have 6+ hours of queues.

The game is pretty good yes, but that is not to AGS credit… their part of this launch is all in the negative, can’t think of a single positive thing they managed to achieve?

  • Lack of server capacity even in EA.
  • Super lack of server capacity after FPS launch
  • Super idiotic decision to open up the lock on the already full servers from EA because that would stop new players from playing the game (that were already massively over the available server capacity)
  • Dupe bugs of the founder packs

I’m thinking but I can’t think of a single “publisher” thing that went smooth and good.
Oh, well – possibly it could be called positive that they managed to advertise the game well (and still fail to have the server capacity to be even close to meeting the demand).

Normal no, but the more hyped the higher the likelihood. What i’m saying is that people should expect it, as in expect server intensive games to possibly have server problems on launch.

I mean, the problem isn’t fixed by expecting 100% perfect launches and then acting indignant when it doesn’t happen, we’ve tried that several times now and it’s seemingly exponential with how many games have bad launches and the anger over a game having a bad launch, we’re getting more and more angry over less and less things, is my point. Not that server issues are not big problems, but they are smaller problems of a bigger issue, which is the priorities of the publishers in terms of release dates and spending money on extra server cap for launches.

I personally don’t care if i had to wait a month longer if that’s what they needed, but even that short delay, which admittedly did suck for us Europeans since the game wasn’t out till evening or night, was just a short delay of release - we’re acting like jilted ex lovers talking about our exes, even the small things annoy the crap out of you, it’s just not healthy - if we like playing games, then it’s a good idea to not invest THAT much emotion into games, love it by all means but you should probably expect SOME faults, this is the real world after all and shit does actually go wrong for whatever reason some times, point it out, criticise it expect it to be fixed, but good lord we need to promote some self control aswell, not just give in to mob mentality.

Some point in the middle has to exist.