Great job, Love this new game!

Just want to say that this game is so dam good so 10/10 from me !! I’m very surprised how well this game has been build. story is excellent, i went sorceress and was scared it would be clunky but no!!! i can use my full combo and nothing messes up.

Everything about this game i love. there is so much to learn but i feel like your being drip fed so it’s not completely overwhelming. Only issue i do have is finding menus but that is a me issue and learning where everything is.

but thought i would make this a post as you have many people moaning whereas i think it’s awesome!!!


this game should get that best game of the century award no joke it’s one of the best games i have played


100% agree. From coming from New World to this is just a gasp of fresh air. i have over 1,300 hour in new world but can already tell Lost ark will be my main game and looking forward to maxing everything out.

Yes, it has been many years since I have fell in love with a game, like I have this one, in so short a time.

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