Great Job on recent updates

Uh no you can’t coz he’d argue it’s b.s that I got a good price for my accessory, the price diff was 300k vs 30k and I’d rather pay for the 30 Peons? You can’t be srs.

Well when a company scam and lie to players this happens :joy:

of course i am serious. all it requires you is to use your brain for a minute and think of the situation instead of sucking the company off and praising them for their lies they’re spreading. keep praising such a company with terrible reputation and only good at spreading lies to their community and don’t have the balls to admit their mistakes. you people are so good at it anyways so i bet you like new world as well. since it’s being developed by the same terrible company

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I have.

But you’re not talking only about those people (A handful probably) here:

Not only you’re calling everyone out and dismissing the problem, you are also flaunting and making fun of people for not buying a lot of BC early on.

Good luck with whatever you’re trying to do there, i’m not biting anymore.

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It’s abit pathetic when people write essays just to complain about a few Pheons when most veteran players have so much blue crystals it’s chump change. The point of the msg was to say that it ain’t that much, stop making such a big deal out of it and it’s pretty sad to see how hard some people probably worked to get all these patches done only to get shit on for 1 mistake that wasn’t even that bad.

well, they just let some people have 800 epic engraving books and some that didn’t get the chance to exploit the hyper express didn’t. that’s like 20k - 40k gold worth of epic books.

even if it’s bound to roster, the people that got the chance to open it doesn’t have to buy the book for the rest of his life. gold not spent = gold saved.

soo… yeaaahhhhh… great job… nice fairness here…

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yeah but if pheons used? EXPLOITED GO NEGATIVE PHEONS! what a garbage company. fairness my ass. anyways screw this alongside their terrible decisions. just waiting for my new game to release and i’m out of this shitshow. they literally make you hate the game on purpose and they’re good at it.

As usual, focusing on like the 1% of people who exploited it enough to get 800 epic engraving books, there are BOTS in the game exploiting the game every day, whats the point of making a fuss out of untradeable epic engraving trash?

you forgot someting important… “sign from someone who played on KR/RU” ! and certainly enjoyed the 10k BC with the founder pack at the release… and we can clearly call that “exploit” since you already played that game… instead of laughing at the others… you’re mostly one of this reason why so many players already left the game… “soon or later” like you say… you’ll be on this dead game with 100k BC xD and that’s friggin hilarious from someone who’s on lost ark already for years :slight_smile:

The fact you can’t see that the negative Pheons solution is a better and more fairer than your foolish idea of a roll back when people won bids with Pheons and some may have gained hundreds of thousands per bid just shows me you don’t care about fairness, you just want your negative exploited pheons turned to positive.

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I THINK you’re trying to say that this game is dead coz people making a fuss about the Pheons are leaving so I’m gonna be the only one left playing with my 40k BC in a dead game? I mean quit if you want, if people are willing to write essays and talk like they’re about to murder someone coz they malding so bad about missing out on some Pheons then imagine how they are in raids, Jesus, doing me a favor.

nah… it’s not dead in your point of view… it’s not like they didn’t need to merge servers right ? smh… nvm… you won’t be able to fix your ego issue with your 40k bc ! it can’t be helped !

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All i see is a loser writing a essay complaining about people complaining lmao.


Sure, if you skip all the other shit I said and take it out of context as u normally do. Good job on ur reading skills.

How much is AGS paying you to say all of this Yuno?

U think I have a ego coz I have some BC? The reason I mentioned it is to put into context how little you lost from the Pheon scandal lmfao 40k BC is nothing, have u seen the whales with every gem +10 +25 everything etc…

“the game is dead coz people making fuss about the pheons are leaving” ! it sounds like it happens before they started to merge the servers… and you dare to talk about reading skill ? LMFAO

The problem is why can’t they test what they are about to do before they do any of this. Literally this book problem could have been tested in under 1 hour and immediately notice something is out of place.
Even the Pheon mail could have been tested in under 1 hour. Players found all these out under 1 hour. If they didnt have these screw up, there wouldnt be any maintenance. It shows to question where is their QA Testers? I dont think Amazon has the definition of QA.

IDK, maybe think about it and zoom out abit, remember the Argos deadzone? The Vykas drought? I thought AGS was doing a pretty horrendous job but now they’re improving? So yeah, my bad for complimenting them for a job well done on everything that isn’t a bug nor a Pheon exploit yet people seem to be focused on only that and disregarding everything else. Does that still not make sense to you?

Whats more important, all these updates and new content or some pheons? Do I even care about some lost Pheons at this stage? Probably not, got a lot of new stuff coming I’m excited for.