Great Stew for Yorn Ignea Token

Hi there !

I am almost at 1000 hours playing LA… I love the game!. However, what is the deal with the Great Stew food item for the Adventure book? I know the meat one is suppose to be super rare to drop. But I have legit done the daily on 5 Characters every day for 7+ weeks and have stacks of 100s on multiple characters of the fish drop and upwards of 50+ of the leaf. WTF AM I DOING WRONG!!! it cannot be set up to be this hard to get!!! like I don’t understand. Its just the adventure book completion. Why do i have to do this daily upwards of 200 fuckin times and still not get the meat drop???

You’re not doing anything wrong, it’s just absolutely idiotic game design.

I’m at like 90 boxes, don’t have it either.

I know! I know its supposed to be hard to get fam. But like this is insane. I am so frustrated over this stupid piece of meat