Great Support System

Was this justified?



at exactly this point, you are the one to blame that you did not get any help.

don’t blame the system, if you are rude.


Can’t really blame if the support had the slightest empathy and couldn’t care less about player’s situation whether it’s the game’s fault or not. I heard that the system don’t consider dc from maintenance and the maintenance notices were too vague and too small to even noticed. We aren’t asking for free stuff here. Players are being punished for something they worked hard for and game’s instability.

Thats why if theres an ingame announcement about a maintenance and a timer u just drop whatever ur doing.

iirc support is right, as maintenance does not give you a entry ticket.
but player side disconnects will

I think you was so mad that you didnt care about what support said. Next time read carefully please :wink: WHAT DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND - WILL ISSUE RE ENTRY TICKETS ACCORDINGLY. If u have anger issues and have to get personal with them, IMO u need help, its just a game anyways

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a free game even.
but OP is putting food on their table.

i work in customer support. and yes, after that comment, i will not go out of my way to help anyone.

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There was an information for 100% I saw it before maintance you took a risk. It was your choice to give a try finishing it before maintance, dont blame devs for your fail blame yourself.

Announcement said there will be a maintenance written at the very bottom of the chat corner while our eyes are on the boss. Who would’ve thought there will be another maintenance 3 hours after one and will be written as small as possible in chat corner? Our fault then for being too focused on clearing and for missing out game’s vague and small announcement. Maintenance didn’t mention to immediately leave instances either or whatever, just a plain notification that there will be one. It should just make our progress lose but not our chance to clear a content if that makes sense. I don’t condone what was said in chat but it’s not like support was great of a help either with their response. I just talked to a support awhile ago regarding this matter and they handled it differently than Roy did. When people claimed express level on their main characters they were given a chance. For us that wanted to clear and missed out the small vague notification, we couldn’t be given a chance. Okay.

Same if some1 is rude I can „helping” him endlessly or just hang up if he phoned me. Moreover Support is made by a normal ppl who mostly just answer mails, if there is something harder they send it forward to techincals service. I talked with ppl from my company who work in „support” 99,9% mails are stupid and they pretenses are irrational.

How long has it been since your guild’s “disconnection” from what I can tell here he explained to you that you need for 24/48 hours for the automated system to kick in.

Other than that a support agent WONT be able to fix ur issue when there is a system already implemented for such cases, they simple dont have the power.

P.S. Next time stop being toxic towards someone who is there to help you/provide information about ur issue.


Roy has more patience for stupidity and entitlement than I do, that’s for sure.

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