Great update AGS

Lucky for me

I like the pass that will come this Thursday.

Finally something worth me swipe my papa’s credit card :smile:

Most class I wanna play in LA are males and I do like armour and suit avatars. Beside most female skin/avatar design in LA is only a bit better than BDO :smile: So as long as they can update good male armour skin/avatar I would be happy and satisfied.


Yeah I’m pretty excited too.

Patch notes are already out?

Full patch notes tomorrow! But a trailer went out today: Lost Ark: Battle for the Throne of Chaos | April Update - YouTube


Excitement marketing worked :100:

Yeah was a really cool vid

Would be nice if we didnt already that the guardian has been removed and theres no chaos or bridge content … So it just an hour long story line.

I am happy :3 also excited for the future too! As time goes on the game can only get better :heart:

wait, when did we find out there was no Bridge?

Some weeks ago we learned that it’s just the “spam G” part.

Well that’s hyper disappointing…

There was a reply about it a couple of weeks back that there will be no chaos (1415) and the guardian coming in may is the 1st guardian of that region.

I understand that, but I didn’t recall reading about the Bridge in that post.

Bridge don’t give you relic accesories

Edge of chaos dungeon don’t give you relic accesories

So it may be coming. I doubt they will release bridge tho but definitly they will add Edge of Chaos dungeon which have an hard mode ilvl 1415 :ok_hand:

Well as bridge came after valtan and hes been taken out there not gonna give us bridge. Im also sure it was stated in a reply but cant find it.

There is other content besides chaos dungeon and guardian raid in south vern you know…

What pass? Has anything been posted about the battle pass?

it’s in the video, you can see the pet skins and tiger mount.

Such as? Msq dungeon? Pretty sure if there’s no chaos dungeon and guardian raid, there will be no abyssal dungeon as well.

There’s a dungeon that is similar to anguished isle.
Has a vendor with alot of good stuff.
I forgot what its called.

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