Greater Honor Leapstones & Event

Could we get some feedback on this? Posted before but CMs seem to be back replying to threads…

Your latest patch notes stated the below

  • Extended the casual Guardian Raid Event to run until May 19th in order to support player progression ahead of the May Content Update.

Please note the guardian event does very little to help player be ready for Valtan may content. Amount of mats are really small, especially what is needed to get to 1415 - There is generally a lack of Greater Honor Leapstones from these events and it is the main thing blocking players to reaching 1415… Please increase the amounts if your intention is to help players get there with this even


they want u to swipe


Tbh if u are maining a class since release u had more than enough time to get to 1415 as a f2p even with bad luck. I was maining sorc until 1385 and when lance master was confirmed i stopped investing in her and my lance master is now 1390. Might not get to 1415 because i pitied my shoulders from +9-15 5 times but i will get pretty close.

Highly disagree on that.
So far I only bought the ark pass and the lvl 50 pack for aura gems and my main is still 1411 (pitied several +14 +15 and even 1 +16 so far), even though I am funneling mats from 3 1340 chars + selling unbound honor leaps to buy greater leaps.
Clearly there was not “more than enough time” to get to 1415 as a fully f2p. I guess botting endless chaos could help there, but I still have hopes for AGS to actually punish ToS violations.

@Spoonsfc I would also like to get more greater leaps, but you can still exchange the normal leaps from the vent to greater leaps :slight_smile: Not much, but it helps :slight_smile:

It gives very little, because the unvaluable books mean nothing.

It is already extendeded to 19th is it not?

I mean, if you didn’t reach 1415 on your main with all the free stuff they dumped at the game plus the time we’ve been playing already…

I don’t know what to say.

Its called rng.

I dont get why ppl don’t understand bad luck can add weeks and weeks to the time it takes.

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Even with almost RNG there is artisan’s energy, he should be there or close.

maybe, i one hone away from 1415 and ppl have worse luck than me, played since start.

dismantle argos blood/hard oreha crafting mats for greater leapstones + una’s dailys + una’s weeklies + 1370+ guardian raids. They’re adding the 1415 guardian and abyss guardians with valtan, so just wait a while and the greater leapstone prices will drop (they’re around 16g each on KR btw).

as I said… 1411… not too far away, but yeah… my artisan is filling quite a lot of getting pity on these +14 +15 and above takes a damn lot of leaps…

still 2 weeks to go though :slight_smile: Even if I pity them all I should manage 1415 by then :smiley:

Yep, that’s what people told me too when Greater leaps were 800g+

1340 doesn´t do anything for ur 1415 main push tho? it´s very easy with 1-2 1370 alts because u can do yoho and hard mode oreha/p1 argos for shit ton Gold. You are literally playing extremly inefficient AND UR STILL PRETTY MUCH THERE WITH UR MAIN WITH OVER 2 WEEKS LEFT BEFORE VALTAN RELEASE? What the fuck do u mean “Clearly there was not “more than enough time” to get to 1415 as a fully f2p”.

Are you ok dude ? I just thought you were shaming another buddy. Is everything ok ? For sure ?

They are around 16g in KR because the population in KR has moved on from Greater honors to something else thats more like greatest honor leapstone or whatever.

There is a big bottleneck when it vomes to greater leaps in our version, getting to 1370 is easy due to the books and leaps we get but 1415 is our current deadzone.

Not that I care much, I’ll hit 1415 when I hit it. No fomo hear but my mates on the other hand…

F2p =/= to casual. People need to stop confusing f2p with casual. As an f2p casual player (one without alts). Theres no way in hell you are 1415. If you only have 2 hours a day to play the game you are massively punished. You cant complete all of the events (chaos rift, Adventure, field bosses) because they are all on the hour timers. In 2 hours you could get roughly 2 characters done without using auto completes for una tasks. Most casual guardian raids take roughly 5 to 7 minutes. Chaos dungeons are roughly 5. So thats already a minimum of 20 minutes per character then add unas and for the sake of arguement lets say you are doing lopang failirs. That will take you about 10 minutes with no bifrosts except to get to lopang and one of the destinations then use the boat. So 30 minutes a character plus the downtime of upgrading and dismantling and all that other minor stuff. So go with around 35 per character and you have yo do it all planned around the hourly popped events. That doesnt even take into account the guardian event, anguished isle, cube, and boss rush. Most of the people on this forum are not casual. I definitely am not. I play 6 or so hours on most days and even then i cant do the adventure jslands on weekdays because i am at work for every single one. I am 1417 with 2 1340 to 1370 alts (i just started getting them to 1370). And 3 alts in t2 because i just didnt have the extra time or gold. My main is a support who is now 3 3 3 1 thankfully but that took a ton of gold to get to. Anyway, point is… casuals would definitely find it hard to get to 1415 even with the free mats because they will be massively limited by gold and time constraints.