Greed ruined lost ark

Too many people I talk too who have quit like me but they did at a much sooner point all reasons end up being about the same thing … Gold income and gold costs!!

Ive played a few hours in almost two months and have a 1487 and 1465 the rest sit at 1370 but I went hard before games negatives broke me and now as soon as I turn game on I turn it off… the sheer cost of trying to tap +22 weapon with a 1% chance and all the costs as the materials to take it just past 2% is actually pathetic that’s where I’ve been at too long and always turn it off after a fail I ain’t gonna use my credit card on this money robbing game again it’s had over a grand already and for what to hit this point in game where everythings boring and samey, to get hardly any gold that makes any difference to where Ur at because the honing percentages are just designed for failure rather than rng …

Greed ruined lost ark

Game has always been like this my friend, idk how people failed to see this any sooner. You either play a massive amount of hours on many alts or pay thousands, sometimes both. As time passes, players with only one character will start to get less and less progress, being outpaced by those who invested most of their time and resources into alts.

Who wins? Maybe whoever quits first.

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Another day another “x ruined lost ark” post. We get it, you don’t like the game thats fine. Go do something else.


Why do you need your weapon anywhere above lvl20 tho? You’re just racing too fast, content is 1460 currently and soon we get 1475 content. Why are people rushing 1500+, because ego, they don’t enjoy.

Oh wait or doing content on ilvl is too hard for people and they need to overlevel? :smiley:


The implication is that lost ark was one way, then something changed and now it’s ruined, but it’s always been this way. It’s how the game is. Really it comes down to it’s not the game for you and that’s fine. But it’s no different than any other game that have features that aren’t for everyone. Maybe you don’t like FPS, open world games, etc., they aren’t ruined, just not for you.


I think the key thing is, it won’t stay at 1% forever, you will always be able to pity which is the saving grace in the end honing.

Compared to other games where it gets destroyed for failure or just stay at <1% is just silly

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You need to be more patient. You expect to have 6x1500 by the release of clown or what? MMO were always slow near end-game content. Surely you don’t want to be done with it as fast as we were with story quests? At least developer/publisher do not want that, cause they need to have some income.

I think that at the moment pace of the progression is mostly fine if you have 6 characters.

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We are playing an MMO. It’s time consuming. You could farm a raid in wow for half a year and not get the trinket or armor piece you wanted.

In lost ark you get every part you want, but it takes time to upgrade your armor. And the pro on lost ark is that you will always get your Upgrade 100%. It only takes a while.

There is not much difference. Some people just freak out when they see a low % number.

OP is at a point, where he has beaten the current content (there is no need to hone past +21) and there is also no big difference to other mmos, where people log off for weeks or months at this Point.

Don’t tap your weapon to 22. Solved your problem.

Seriously, there is no reason to go above 21 for most players. Invest in your account in other ways or hoard resources for the soft reset with brelshaza where you can once again hone your weapon.

“the highest ilvl legion raids that existed is 1460, hey i know what to do! what about doing it with a 1520 ilvl weapon??? if i dont get it then lost ark is a bad game!!!”

literally everyone that plays in other region and every streamers have said and reminded us that you only need to push max until +20, or if you have extra extra extra mats, 21 is still the max, you have to stop there cause its pointless when you will get free ilvls from the gear transfer after this relic set.

literally any1 with brain knows that

yes, greed indeed ruined lost ark

your greed did

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Ur right greed is killing lost ark

The greed of some players who want everything for no effort or time investment

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Imo gold income is fine and so is the cost of the NPC-related gold costs. I do think the game could use a listing fee that is not returned to the seller when posting items on the market even if unsold. It’s annoying to see no consequence for people listing items for really high prices day after day holding the market hostage. The same applies to market flipping, adding this nonrefundable tax ontop of pheons would also help prevent people from attempting market manipulation. Greed is hurting the market and you can see it through the accessory listings where people post items with significantly worse stats oftentimes for the same price or grossly similar as the highest quality of accessories.

Na the ones WHO Just Play the Game and Font Look at Others Fortune win.
If you Play this Game Like a Race you lose and will quit sooner or later

What the actual f is going on in peoples head nowadays… You can do every piece of content with your item lvl why are you forcing yourself to have a 22 or 25 weapon. You do realize that this is content for people who either play the whole day or spend a lot of money so that they have something to show off. If you have problems understanding this then please uninstall the game. But don’t think that any MMO is better in that matter. They all need content for the whales and nolifers, so you are better off playing Fortnite.

All games have a softcap like this
It’s intended to be “not worth it”, but it gives you something to work towards so that you aren’t completely finished with the game and have something more to accomplish
That’s why they have infinite Chaos Dungeon (although it’s kinda useless)