Green and Blue engravings books

There is no one playing t1 and t2 so there is no blue and green books. Currently purple books go for 1 gold each while blue and green class are like 70 and goes up to 400 with not even 20 available. Maybe we could get an event where we can get blue and green books?

There’s a quest chain in Luterra that is repeatable on all alts that generate green/blue books. That should help a bit.


Run all your left-over T1 cube tickets
Run all the T1/T2 abyss dungeons for cards (it drops books too)

Like the other guy says, there is a list floating around that shows where all the quests are that you can go run on everyone but your main and get 20+ green books.

If you knowledge transfer or powerpass they are no longer available no?

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nope. Most of the book quests aren’t roster, they are area, so the yellow exclamation point is there for the taking, you just gotta go do it.

area quests are not available once you knowledge transfer or powerpass

Whatever they are named, they are there friend.

I’ve done it 8 times…

yes you can do it if you don’t knowledge transfer or power pass I just went on my alt to check and there is 0 yellow exclamation mark on my map in luterra castle

Challenge guardians drop engraving selection chests, I think like 6 per week if you do all three. Has green/blue class/battle engravings.

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OH I totally forgot abt those i left them in roster storage lmao thx m8

Read this thread

Don’t forget Anguished Isle also.

PowerPass alts cannot do these quests. KT can definitely do them.

ah ok thx m8