Greetings Amazon.My 2 cents


I am your customer from EU region.
I am not gonna talk about the game Lost Ark itself,but i want to touch on the actual distribution of the game.
First of all i want to thank all the people involved in this.Your job is not easy and i am grateful that you work as you should have.Thanks again!

I had a rough week,(as many,many people aswell)while trying to play my favourite MMO game.I knew your expectations were too low,but how could you not predict the playerbase?
First and foremost based on hard statistics from bought founder’s packs.
Second - from your player’s community feedback,that if you expect “X” number from founders playing,you double that “X” for the launch on 11th Feb,for free to play players and you get number “Z”.You are then ready,prepared.I can’t believe you did not think of “what could happen if” in advance.
Especially YOU - a multi-billionaire company,you have all the resources,all the funding,all the data…Everything.You even had the time…even the time.And in the end the result was this.
I personally expected number like this.After when Keum Kang Sun (Gold River) said “if we reach 200k” my thoughts exactly were “i bet you will reach 1 mil”…but the thing i didnt think of was - What about New World part 2?
And here we go again.

I cant deny the disappointment.I have been preparing for 8th Feb for like a month,i bought founder’s pack,i had a chat with my boss to give me a week off(i didnt tell him exactly why :wink: ),i told my wife that im going all in for a week(dont count on me),i was actually going to ignore my 2 year old son for a week,just to get that incomparable experience.

Moment of truth:
1 - Delay…ok its all good ( one day of head start is gone - 2 remaining)
2 - Queue on loging in (5k - its all good,many players enjoying the game…hype)
3 - Queue is getting bigger (12-15k okay seems like things are getting nasty,i hope they fix it)
4 - Queue again (20-22k adrenaline kicks in,im reading the whole forums while i wait 8-10h on queue)
5 - My 3 days head start are long gone - (steam play time statistics says 60 hours played,but i dont see statistic “waiting on queue”)
6 - Here comes the weekend (playerbase is infuriated,unexpected maintenances,pointless new servers coming out,hotfixes that doesent help,but making things go worse for regular players but not streamers ofcourse)
7 - Waking up on sunday at 6 CET hoping to log in (meanwhile slept for 3 hours,since waited 8 hours on a queue the previous night,entering the game at 1 am - playing untill you accidentally fell asleep on the keyboard.That is the only day i played like 7 8 hours,actually having fun.
8 - The week off is gone in furstration.Monday hits - work time is over,you come back in home hoping for a fix and no queue (or atleast reasonable 2-4k)…guess what.Yup.

In conclusion,i think - we know the $$$$ is everything,but what about the people?
This whole thing you did is wrong,unfair.You cant simply put boundries for some people and let other just do whatever they want and when they want.You cant let 300k play and other 1 mil sit on a queue.Give all or give nothing for like a week or so.Distribute properly.

About your compensations - you say you are unable to transfer my stuff to the new region,why not? I paid money,they are in your pocket,i want my stuff.If you cant deliver my stuff,get my money back i will use it on the new region you open,so i can start on clear but with my stuff i paid for.
What about drops?You cant deliver them aswell.why?I left my PC on,watching Twitch Crown channel while im sleeping,so i can get all the goodies.Because you cant sync with all regions,BUT prioritize US.So i earned my drops,i want them delivered.
We spent our time,health,nerves,sanity for you…and all you give us is new region with mount for compensation,and excuses on game/server stability.Not fair!

If you are able to take our money,then you are able to deliver what we paid for.I did not paid to wait on a queue,watching the launch screen for hours,days.
This is not a demand,this is a call,get your stuff up.Let us play.

Also something i am really concerned,why CMs are focused on US at all times?Can we have dedicated EU staff,since we are getting discriminated.Galatur this,galatur that,galatur fixed…meanwhile EU is total annihilation.
The bigger player base is in EU and you dont care as much as you have to.

Too bad a dime piece like this,has to suffer from treatment like this.Lost Ark is incredible game,im truly in love with this game,as you can notice from the charts.People love it,but you killed it on the start.

They say - The hope dies last! I strongly believe the hope will die before the game gets its proper release, if - ONLY IF you continue treating your players as you do of right now.

I’ve never seen community that cohesive in an MMO - holding on to eachother.This is awesome.

Last but not least,i want to express my gratitude to Smilegate RPG for all the hard work on this game,i cant find the right adjective to express my feeling while im playing Lost Ark.
Thank you from the bottom of my gamer heart! Keep it up!

Amazon,tighten up.Its hard,not impossible.Alot of people still count on you,dont let them down.

I am sorry for my bad english,its not my native.Thats all i got :slight_smile:

it’s not because you have write a long text… gg to you … that you will be exempt of queue wait as everybody :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: