Greetings to the Boys

Would be nice to get a new ban wave…

The team is aware of this issue and constantly working on this.
Moving you from the German to the English feedback.

Is the team aware of the lengthy black loading screens that started to affect Karta?

NAE Karta was never a popular server that would be busy at any point, but now suddenly over these past two days it became busy due to this bot flood attacking it for whatever reason whether it was a test or preparation to an operation in the coming weeks to counteract whatever measures AGS/SG has prepared.

Issues briefly occurred last week, but over the past two days, NAE Karta has suffered significantly under these issues of lengthy black loading screens to mail not working to not being able to login

Saturday December 3rd, 2022 : Issue started around 12:40PM EST after the first GvG island - lasted till around 5:00PM EST

Sunday December 4th, 2022: Issue started around 2:10PM EST after the chaos gate - lasted till around 7:00PM EST

Monday December 5th, 2022: issue started around 5:00AM EST and still persisted around 7:30AM EST.

Honestly, the leadership and management of the game since November 9th, 2022 is bluntly fucking horrible. From disconnects issues to auction house issues to now lengthy black loading screen issues, can AGS/SG seriously get their shit together. The Brel update is coming up sure that’s a priority I suppose, but this new issue of lengthy black loading screens that affected NAE - Karta and the Asta server is going to spread into other servers if you guys don’t get this shit under control.

Lockdown the servers immediately and issue out frequent ban waves is the best prevention method that is available. The technology exists and precedents exist. So seriously stop avoiding the solution in front of you guys.

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