Griefing in dungeon

Hi, today I queued to a dungeon with a friend, and we got 2 guys to our group. After 2 wipes at the boss, they started griefing and afking / running to a wall, we managed to learn mechanics, but it wasn’t possible to clear the boss as 2 man. We reported them multiple times, but I don’t want to let this go. I would love to get a support to take this case seriously as in dungeon You can’t kick someone. Their names are:
Brosse - from server Calvasus
Naokei - from server Calvasus

Would love to hear back from any of the suppor staff.
Regards: Mistys

Hello @Mistys12! First of all I really hope you are well today in general and also welcome to the forum.

Thank you so much for your time on bringing this to us. I can read that you reported this behavior. .
For sure the correct team will take notes about your feedback/report. Let me send the feedback/report to the people in charge so they can take the necessary actions.

Once again, thank you for patience.