Group Content so sparing?

I absolutely love the game, and have been enjoying it immensely with a group of irl friends & new guildies over the past weeks. However now at T3, I can’t help but think there is a severe lack of group content to do with my friends. Sure we have the daily two guardian raids to grind, and one abyssal a week, but we have absolutely nothing to do together outside that? Thats maybe an hour of gameplay a day (if that)… then the rest is solo gameplay doing collections and what not?
Seems a bit thin for an MMORPG imo (emphasis on Massively Multiplayer), and I wish there were more regular dungeons or group areas to do as a bunch of friends.

The problem of content rushing…

The act of rushing content on MMORPG will forever remain a mystery.


I’ve not rushed any content… I dont have any alts. I’m just an experienced MMORPG player… I’ve played almost every day if thats what you mean by rushing content? But I’m a gamer who loves MMORPGs so thats a given.


as someone who hit T3 this week i honestly couldn’t disagree with you more, while yes with only two abyssal dungeon at the start of T3 and the guardian raid etc it sounds like not much however are you doing your rifts / world bosses daily ? are you farming chaos dungeons to buy as much of the shop as possible to help with gear progression ? ( and chaos u can do as a group and you wont buy the t3 shop out fast, not to mention island content and skill point farming, all of these can be done as a group.

my point is while some of what i listed may not be “instanced dungeon content” its still very much group content.

theirs also PvP but that depends if you like PvP etc.

Your joking if you think any of that content you mentioned should be done as a group. Islands, rifts, world bosses, chaos dungeon? None of this is group content. Chaos dungeon is solo’d by everyone as its easier to do so. And the rest are all done on your own time to complete collections etc as you need. Sure the maps you get from rifts are done as a group, but thats only to share out the drops, the actual content is complete drivel.
No of course I’m not farming chaos dungeon after the daily 2, as that would be an extreme grind to do solo for very little reward. I’m looking for more group content not more solo xD

U completely missed my point I said it can be done as a group, and also by doing it more you would progress your item level faster so u could do the 2nd abyssal dungeon.

This game has an absolute insane amount of content which tbh is a first when it comes to MMO releases in the west normally we get give. So hollow shell that is missing so much.

Also without doing the other stuff you won’t be have enough skill points and or engraving books to have a decent build for your class. And as I mentioned on my first post you do have PvP content also

Do collectible, engravings, skill points, farm chaos dungeon for hours to get materials, and farm on alts

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This is a thread about group content yet you continue to talk about solo content?

Yes this game has loads of solo / collection content, but I’m talking about group content, that you require a group for. So far we have 1.5 modes (abyssal dungeon & guardian raid that you can choose to solo). Would love more than a couple hours a week teaming up with mates is all.

You mention PvP but yet again this game has taken the solo route, and you must solo queue for ranked pvp. So again this isn’t a group based activity, unless your talking about for-fun normals which are alright for a bit I suppose, but your not gaining anything there.

Firstly u can queue in group for pvp in ranked as I have done it for team death match, also you are hell bent on your point being absolute and not even considering suggestions others make etc. you have Argos now so that should help with your want for extra “group” content

I’m yet to hear a single suggestion for group content lol. I’m not expecting someone to tell me something I don’t know, there isn’t any more group content. Thats all this is about, just a post in the game feedback section, giving feedback on the game.
Telling me there is collection or solo content to do is irrelevant when I’m talking about needing more group content. Ranked was solo q on RU/KR so we have assumed the same here, your telling me you can queue as a group for 3v3 in ranked? Thats great to hear.

Yeah, it’s a very good solo MMO. >.<

As far as I know yes you can I have queued with a team for pvp several times for 3v3 and gained rank increases in pvp etc.

And I only made suggestions on some content that technically is not just solo but group friendly also etc. tho I am aware they don’t offer the same sort of challenge as the guardian / abyssal content.

Today with Argos being released that’s probably the first real test for those at 1370 etc. and tbh any group content that comes I suspect will be aimed at that gear score or higher.

Thats a shame, although I’m almost there so I hopefully wont have to wait too long. I’m just greedy I know, I absolutely love the group content that is available, I just want MORE! xD

And you know ranked isnt out yet? If your thinking normal PvP rank going up etc thats not ranked pvp as in you earn diamond rank etc & pvp currency. I hope we can queue together on ranked but I believe its solo queue only :frowning:

Ahh I see I wasn’t aware of that ty for the info on ranked pvp and yeah I understand we all want more!!

Getting to 1300 is roughly the starting line for the “current content.”

I know it will feel like a “Is this it? is this all of it?” moment. However, that is the just beginning if you only have 1 character.

This game is lacking a non time-gated challenging activity. Chaos dungeons are repeatable but are solo and too easy. Raids and abyssal are fun and challenging but are time gated. PvP would be fun but I want to correct what the other guy said, ranked PvP is a solo activity, you can’t go with a premade team.

The current racing event is pretty fun, but even that is time-gated for whatever reason. It’s like they don’t want us to have too much fun :smiley:

Exactly my man. Literally nothing to farm or do that isn’t time-gated with your friends… even this new event you cant do with your friends as you get ported randomly into an instance with random people, despite being in a party beforehand. Like seriously? Do they care at all about the MMO players with friends, or just catering to lonely solo players?

Thinking about this a big issue related to group content is how gated it’s appearing to be, 1340 to 1370 is hell yet I know once I hit a certain point it gets stupid easy again. It wasn’t like this in Korea and I also don’t think this is a smilegate thing I think its AGS :rage:

Might overlap with other people’s suggestions too, but here’s a list to start:

  • Adventure islands (Procyon’s compass)
  • Island token hunting in general
  • Sailing co-op (including the gates)
  • Ghost ship
  • Field bosses/Chaos gates/Rift maps
  • PVP (3v3 and 6v6, you can also host in house with your friends if there are enough people)
  • Mokoko hunting (ever seen a mokoko barrier?)
  • Adventure tome hunting
  • Life skilling (platinum fields or tree cutting together)

I just want you to know we have a fraction of what KR has in terms of activities and avenues for honing materials. Go watch Stoopz’s video, he highlights so many things we are missing its actually insane. So not only do we have increased honing costs but we also have less methods of getting the honing mats.