Grudge book 30k..... someone played the price?

grudge book 30k… someone played the price?

yesterday was like 17k, today is 30k,

tf going on

The Recent Prices column says what the most recent purchase went for.

If there’s 30k in there then yes, someone paid 30k for at least 1 book.

there like 10 book all selling for 30k lol

Sounds like a good time to cash in your Anguished Isle tokens and sell Legendary Grudge books.

NA East has 9 deep at 19-20k.

Anguish sells class engravings not battle engravings.


Buy them fast :smirk:

So glad i got my books early.

Got desperate salvation at 2k gold per book and heavy armor at 450 gold per book.

buying anything from the AH atm has a 99.9% chance of feeding gold sellers :rofl:

I hope is made of gold on that price.