Grudge question

Anyone from OCE? How do you play grudge into 200+ ping?

Simple, just use your foresight.
Smh, imagine not being able to see the future.
On serious note, you do need to know the fight inside out, knowing where to stand with every boss moves.
I’m playing ig sorc from Australia with constant 210+ms, so pretty much always floor pov till i know the fight like the back or my hand.

LOL. So Grudge is 5th because thomass said. Alright, buddy, you do you. Don’t make excuses when you lose MVP though.

First of all if you hunt MVP you do smth wrong anyway, If you Gear properly and dO your Part in raids its fine.

The whole grudge topic is totally Out of Controlle.
You can only Unserstand this If you rly use Logic.

Just geared 2 of my alts because my main is stuck behind an 80k paywall to enter the relic game. Both of them got Grudges + Class engravings + Masters + 4th DPS engravings. The worst part about the whole ordeal was having to buy 15 ability stones to get appropriate ones, where as the accessories themselves cost less than the Pheon costs of the whole sets. But even so, paying ~20k for both sets and stones so setting 4x3 for alts is preferred right now

On this note: If you make the mistake of leaving out Grudge from your 4x3, then buying back into it is rather cheap so doing it is 100% always worth it, unless you play a class that can actually use an alternative engraving with 15-20% damage boost itself

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Who ever said something about HUNTING MVP. The thing is, Grudge is the best damage engraving, that’s a fact. And you don’t have to be very good to survive with it if you’re not combining with cursed doll, so there’s no actual reason not to use it.

You’re the one not really using logic.

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You Said you will miss Out plenty MVPs …
Its Like 4% DMG compared to Most Other engr.
4% is nothing rn for the Cost of 20% DMG taken.
Thats why its 5th engraving

I didn’t say you’ll miss out, I told you to not complain when you do.

I’m running Cursed Doll instead of Grudge and i have no problems finding groups for Valtan and Vykas Hard.
So no, you don’t really need Grudge.

One might wonder what weakass groups are those that accept none grudge players :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Not everyone are gatekeeping “meta” builds with “ONLY HIGH ROSTER 5x3 CHECKING ENGRAVINGS LVL10GEMS 2600HOURS”
If you want Full grudge party, it’s your choice.
Some people know very well, that there are other engravings you can use as DPS to get the same result.

Oh wow, ok.
You have a post telling people to not join Yoho until they get 4x3…

Guess i’ve wasted time replying to you.

Im 1507 with 5 engravings with Last one grudge im good bro

Grudge is not a 5th engraving its literally top 3 for most classes.

Everyone can have a opinion sir, you too.

There is opinion but this isn’t a opinion statement its a factual statement.

I literally get MVP in my HM raids with around 25% dmg deal running CD, when there are people running Grudge in the party with same ilvl. I have no idea what is your problem, and where this silly idea of Grudge being MUST HAVE came from. I’m getting Grudge as my 5th engraving, but for 4x3 it’s not necessary.

I really don’t like people like you, pushing and putting pressure on people to play some “meta”, when there are other ways to achieve same results without taking 20% more dmg on your face. Also Grudge is for boss monsters and above. Which means it’s an engraving good only for raids. Runnig chaos gates etc this engraving is just taking your space.

I have two builds, one with CD and one with Grudge (since it requires from me only switching AS and engraving), and Grudge build’s dmg is slightly higher.

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you don’t have to like me but grudge is bis for just about every dps class.

I got a grudge stone and 9 book so I put it for idiots to accept me in the party, then switch it in Valtan and Vykas at the circle with another stone and engraving just for the principle of it.

And guess what, I do just fine.

And i know from an actual experience, that what you are saying is pure bullshit.
But hey, believe what you want.