GS TTH spec vs swift

So am I am a lvl 1490 TTH GS. As of right now, even with the recent buffs to TTH I feel a lack of DPS. Almost always I’m on the MVP screen for stagger, sometimes DMG as MVP.

I am torn between going full swift or full spec. i understand the pro and con for animation locks, but at this point i never use my spacebar until i need to so im not really too worried about being locked in.

Since i have a pet synergy and my skill synergy thats basically 20%, plus TTH 40% solo, thats not including synergies while in a party.

Should I keep some crit and go full spec or swift, or do like a 80/20 swifft or spec and crit(20%).

Current setup
My gems are all mostly lvl 7, a few 8s and a lvl 9. im 5x3 TTH, grudge, HM, CD and KBW (no negative debuffs) Currently using full nightmare set with a 69% quality weapon. My crit rate currently is 20% from accessories, 600 swift and 900 crit. I understand its a mix right now…but before i go all in for swift or spec i figured i would ask.

Any advice would be welcomed.

There are two main builds:

Atm you can count with the LWC card set + your synergy + TTH engraving, so:

7 + 10 + 40-45= 62%, but later on you will eventually drop LWC card set for LOS (55%).

You can go both builds tbh, if you go swift build you just do TTH3, KBW3, RC3, CD/MI/HM3, ADR2, PM1 with that you will reach higher than the minimum recquirements for KBW to be as efficient as CD (even after dropping LWC).

If you want to go Spec/Crit you should eventually put a bit more on Crit since you need more crit to be more consistent since you don’t have the CD swift has, so not criting your 30s cd feels really bad tbh. Usually people do 50/50 or 60/40 spec-crit for this consistency, up to the player. But it’s also highly recommended to use PM3 since it gives you nice atk speed on handguns to make it way smoother (+ PM3 is actually a good dmg engraving for TTH, don’t listen to those who say it’s griefing).

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