GT Destroyer or Artist?

I have already a pala and bard 1465 and I disslike them so I stoped honing them, they are just valtan, vykas slaves… pala is boring af and bard shield aoe is so small its cringe…

Artist looks a bit more fun bc the shield is at least a skill shoot, so its not 100% braindead… but I would like to create a GT destroyer bc it looks so fun, simple and stronge. (I play already reaper, deathblade and wardancer :smiley: )
But my mind is telling me “create a support no gatekeep problems and cheap af…”.
But My body wana bonk.

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Go for the fun. My friends who play Destroyer alts enjoy the class. I will create an Artist alt. Got a paladin bard and gunlancer in my top six and enjoy them as alts. Doubt I will do much with Artist other than get her to 1445. But I thought for sure my last express pass Arcana would remain a Lopang slave and she is now 1500.

For what it’s worth, GT became extremely boring at least in my experience. It was my original main and have completely swapped off it. It feels a bit too simple at times but it is very good. I’m probably leaning artist here and I need a support for my top 6.

come to the bonking side, I went from a Sorc to Sh to Scrapper and finally settled on bonking boy because i realise this game has nothing to chase, if i’m going to carry on playing it then I might aswell play what i enjoy and what makes me click the play button

It’s legit as you said, if you’re willing to commit and hone the destroyer to 1490+ to not get gatekept out of fast vykas/valtan then go for it. With artist once you get yearning, you’ll have no issues finding a lobby at all.

Rage Hammer Destroyer you mean.

If you don’t like pala and bard that much you won’t play artist. Support is support at the end of the day I just think you prefer dps like most people so go with the destroyer

No I mean GT :smiley:
RH is so expensive :c

he he he,

you will hate Artist if you already hate Pala/Bard the kit of playing it is complete not what you like as you discribe here already on those other supports.

In play style the artist is allot like the bard so if you find bard boring I would say go with what your body telling you.

Happy bonking :3

I will create one and test it in trixion ^^
Bard is ok but I dont like the one shield spell … the AOE rang is so small and also the bubble system is a bit uff sometimes. if you have 2 bubbles what you do… do you wait for 3bubble or buff or heal and getting to 3 bubbles take so long.

Bard Ult range gets buffed with artist release if i remember correctly :slight_smile:
I dont play Bard but getting better gems and or playing some spec helps aswell

Bonk is one of my favourite alts but it gets kinda frustrating depending on the boss and rng - its easy on valtan but u have to know what patterns to facetank in vykas and clown - brel g1 is free g2 just do prokel for a very good time - g3 sucks g4 is a free mvp - g5 and 6 prob isnt easy but never did it with mine…
Sadly Ragehammer is better in like every scenario but the idea of bonking made me go bonk :smiley:
Gatekeeping usually isnt a problem for bonk - but support ofc have a way better time in the partyfinder

Bonk is also dirt cheap Gravity 12 is a joke and spirit absorption accs are very affordable even with high quality
I never had trouble finding a group even with full 5s and a 7 bonk gem