Guardian Challenge crashed

Just finished Ur’Nil Challenge/Trial Guardian, and it crashed before I got to loot the chest, and I cannot reenter.

Anything I can do to get the loot?

Pray they compensate us somehow… in the exact same boat…may have even been in your party, lol.

Right when I go to collect the soul we’re punted and now I can’t redo it :frowning:

same thing happen to me i didn’t get any event rewards except the first one,

Hello everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us, I apologize for the inconvenience this issue with the disconnections caused you.

Our team is aware of the situation and is already working on fixing it, here’s the official response from our team:

I’ll keep you updated! :sunflower:

Any news here, will the progress be reset or something like that?

you solve the issue with disconnections but our rewards from event was gone without recompensation that is crap

I just did this fight, the game froze/crashed as the MVP screen came up, before I could pick up the soul.
Great game.