Guardian Efficiency

Does anyone know if there is an online tracker for guardian gold efficiency?

Today i saw that the MLS were way cheaper than GHLS and decided to compare and kungel is currently 20% better than cali
even accounting for the market tax doing kungel is just way more gold

but since im pretty lazy to be doing the excel every time i was wondering if someone already automated this

I just use a simple sheet i drafted up myself for various gold values. Same time I think MHL/Carl is still a better way to go since when Breal Hard comes out, MHLs are probably gonna take a jump since there will be new heights to hone to. Plus bracelets can still be a good find that ice turtle doesn’t give. And with the nerfs, the kill time is roughly the same between the two.

well MLS never did go significantly up in price to be honest

i was expecting some high costs around week 3 and they crashed instead

I’m expecting them to go up after the whales get to tap to +25.

Might be a play to buy the current dip.

Look up your app store or wtv it’s called on Android, and search Ark Tool, there’s a price calculator built in

i’m on iphone

hmm maybe they will need 5x the leapstones to +25 from +20
i do think it’s way too expensive to tap to +25 though very few whales went to +25 with brel gear in kr just because it was inefficient as hell and unnecessary for the content they had