Guardian Event is POG

It’s very well done, kudos :slight_smile: I like the fact that following mechanics is still the way to go, but it’s way less punishing and way more fun for alts or new comers.

Destroy tails and shells, until it is done!


I agree, it’s very chill and also easy to solo.

I just wish the communication on the mechanical end was better. Lot less frustration would have ensued.

I love it, prefer it over regular guardian 100% lol

The most enjoyable part of the event has been:

me no do mechanics
me only unga bunga
me come complain on forums event bad >:|
nerf event plz

What are the mechanics on today’s bosses? We face-tanked them yesterday and we face-tanked them today. I don’t see any need for any cunning strategies to finish them.

Yes love the event. Easy and nice to do.

Only thing, i would like more in the shop. The vendor