Guardian Event should be permanent feature in game

Really enjoyed the Guardian event with pugs and stress free. Am appealing to smilegate/amazon to make it a permanent feature in game. As a causal player with unpredictable working hours in RL, it’s impossible for me to have a regular group for raids.
The regular guardian raids with pugs is pretty horrible as it’s basically RNG. Have already given up on the regular guardian raids as it’s just a waste of time (imagine getting no reward after 20mins of raid) .
I know the mechanics of the raid via but sometimes pugs players doesn’t want to listen for whatever reason or tells you to shut up as similar to the post link here.
Any punishment for toxic players?.

Can we have the Guardian Event a permanent feature in game?
would really motivate casual players to play this game more. thanks

I’d actually do them twice per day if they replaced usual guardians with these events. As it stands I’ve stopped doing standard guardians as they’re long and boring.