Guardian Event to be made permanent feature in game

The Guardian Event is really fun and can be done daily compared to the Guardian Raids. Can consider making it a permanent feature rather than an event?
The normal guardian raids are RNG depending on the group for causal players and is very demoralising when the party fails. Even in LFG , it can take lots of time just to get players in to do certain guardian raid. For example, Tytalos, etc.
Please consider to make this a permanent feature in game.

Please god no. I hate this guardian event. Naruni was much better.

To specify, I’d rather the event be something that we don’t already do multiple times a day, instead of doing more of the same thing.


this event is the most trash event idk what people see in this, theirs literally 40 events better and yall pick the worst one

I’m in for the mats. I do agree naruni is more fun and rewarding, however I will take whatever event they throw at me. Better than nothing.

I totally agree Naruni was the best one. All I had to do was wait for the suckers to race for 2 minutes and I get free stuff.

No the best thing about naruni was that you didn’t have to do the event at all.

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the will release much better events with much better rewards. KR has 2-3 events going on basically all the time

Yeah … a gamemode in where you cant lose or even die no matter how bad you are ! , what a fun event … no , learn to play .

Naruni was better. free pheons

Hell no, this event is ass and has been here longer than it already should’ve have

Only people who enjoy this event is people who need free mats because they gave their tradable ones to asmondgold and stoopz

So amazon went ahead and made the event mats bound so you zoo animals cant give ur mats away again for free then say its too hard to hit 1415