Guardian nerfs were a mistake

So you guys made guardians easier or more casual friendly wich is ok,… to a certain degree but now, theyre also BORING, theyre just piñatas, no challenge or fun in that, you cant die in the event and TAKES TOO LONG to complete, on top of that its a FARMING EVENT so you need to do it daily 2 times at least if you dont count alts

It was a mistake, if you wanted to nerf them you shouldve just reverted that +50% HP buff and that covers everything, less hp = faster kill = less mechanics = less dodging = casual friendly


They weren’t nerfed. They were restored to what they were originally. They were changed due to beta feedback. Those changes are reverted. Not. A. Nerf.

  • Balance tweaks for pacing of the game
    • Another huge point of feedback that we received during the Closed Beta Test was that many players felt like some of the game’s pacing and gearing was not quite challenging enough. We’ve worked to make balance changes to combat this, and while it won’t slow you down early on, the endgame content will prove to be a bit more challenging for players.

So far they didn’t really seem to nerf them. Tytalos is actually harder now and foxos health nerf is barely anything. I have estimated 5-10% at most.

Not even sure why the claimed were nerfing the guardians when seems they didn’t and now have to just pissed people off.


Either OP hasn’t fought Tytalos yet or OP is extremely over geared because fighting Tytalos at iLVL 580 with pugs is challenging. I was only able to clear Tytalos 2x today through matchmaking process because some of the party members were iLVL 1k+ and carried my ass lol.

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T1/2 - They were boring before. You beat them once you move on. Two days later you’re so over geared you just face tank everything about them.

All this changed was allowing the more casual player to feel like they’ve accomplished something and aren’t stuck on something silly like scorpion. They’re still gonna quit when the game gets hard, they’re still gonna suffer with the endless honing grind, none of it changes.

This simply allows PUGs with no communication a chance to go further, that is it.

T1-T2 = Tutorial. T3 is end game.

Good morning! :slight_smile:


They were just as boring before, idk how any of them were fun…or difficult.
They feel like a chore to me xD

Once again to the previous and every other poster like him…you arent hardcore, your fav streamer isnt hardcore, your fake.

On the actual Korean client;

  • they recieve nerfs regularly to encourage new players to catch up
  • new players get a free buff that gives -40% incoming damage and +20% outgoing damage
  • 2 free power passes to item level 1302

Stop talking out of your butt, our client was over tuned and people still died all day in guardians, go get actual facts about the KR/Russian/Western versions before just calling everyone a carebear and telling them to gitgud.


Tytalos atm is also bugged or something, he did not spawn hurricanes the 2nd time for petrification for his huge damage mechanic[changed from wipe].

Everything is starting to feel like a chore.

Ignoring anything about this game being released years ago in KR and treating it like it’s new today.

Your Main’s 1-50 leveling experience was literally 1 checkbox away from being a Mobile Auto Battler.

T1 was fun at the start, Chaos Dungeons and Guardians were cool the first few days. Now they’re just another annoying daily to complete.

Getting into T2 was exciting for a few minutes, then it’s just more of the same.

Every day it’s log into your Alt, do Una tasks, chaos and guardian.
Log into next Alt, repeat (I only have 2 alts because this is bad enough for my liking)
Log into main, repat above then go check out an island or scheduled event you haven’t finished with yet.

I’m in no rush to push past 1100 GS, it’s still more of the same only with thousands of wasted resources and time spent into failing honing, yay.

The game is a mobile chore with some decent combat.

Islands and such are my favorite part, exploring and completing the islands, tokens and collectables.

Spoiler alert They were boring before.

Not to interrupt the feedback happening here, but just wanted to mention that Tytalos is indeed borked at the moment


As are Strongholds :frowning:


No it isn’t. You literally qualified your argument title away when you said this :joy:

You asked for it…this is what you get.

KR/RU/JP - Same as prenerf NA/EU
NA/EU BETA - Lower HP (which is why it feels like you got HP boosted on live)

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I agree with most of this tbh.
Speaking only for myself, i avoided guardians raids like the plague when they announced theyd be buffing them for launch at January, as it felt unnecessery when on the same article they announced “hey guys ure also getting tier 3 on launch”.

I didnt find any of the tier1/2 guardians that difficult, but i also have experience from other regions, but i do find them too long and even after the nerfs they still repeat the same attacks and patterns and they still take just as long to kill, fact is they should have ignored the beta feedback relating to difficulty. Generally i enjoy all of tier 1, tier 2 is tedious as hell tho. Tier 3 is whatever, ill do tier 3 at a slow non burning out pace. I only wanna hit tier 3 to make a lot of gold tbh.

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It should be enough that I start my PC to get the rewards.


Abyss Dungeons are a lot of fun if you have a static group. Our little free 2 play group of 4 have had a great time going into them blind and learning the fights. Generally though we only do stuff together on our Mains, so running Alts is PUGs and … yeah I can understand why they are helping the average joe out here.

But Abyss Dungeons are weekly content only, and having to re-clear the older ones for gold instantly became super annoying the moment you can just zerg through it without a care in the world.

I get this “tutorial” stage as people like to call it stops when you hit T3, but for many players this is the game, not the tutorial and they likely will never see T3 and even if they do they’ll quit in fustration trying to PUG stuff.

But yeah, having a static makes a lot of the content much more fun

Of all the things to nerf, guardians are the one thing im fine with.

Its super tedious to do like 8-12 minute kills, and as a support main you can only do so much.

Doing it on multiple alts is just time consuming

Honestly make em twice as hard but cut thwir hp lol, idc


Any news on skins?, no point in talking about t1 and t2 those will not be reverted i think.

With or without nerf, Flame Fox is still cancer to fight as a melee. It still likes to burn everything around it and sit in it,.nothing really changed

On the upside Vertus is now less frustrating that i don’t get stunned whenever i try to approach it’s back to do damage but the BS 180 grab and pound is still there, so fair?

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