Guardian Quest chain

Was doing the Guardian Quest chain and noticed it didn’t give any gold anymore. Was this intended with the newest update cause I dont remember reading it, but i might have missed it.

which point of the quest chain?
some bits do and some bits don’t


yeah, the quest chain (for some reason) was rated as one of the “welcome quests” which all got the gold removed and replaced with silver instead.

  • Removed Gold from Welcome Quest completion rewards. All Gold rewards from the quests will be replaced with Silver.

So from the lowest (Chroma) up to the highest (Kungel) there is no more gold to get from the quest chain.


Thank you very much, just confusing that it’s stated as welcome quest.

I like how they go out of their way to also make it so the new rewards are dogshit.
25k silver, really?

I guess its to follow their wonderful ratio of 1k gold per 100k silver

wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t remove the gold from the people who have already completed these quests
I mean it’s only fair that they do that, right?

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