Guardian Raid Boss HP needs to be lowered

They take forever to die for a pug group.

Most pug groups have the bare minimum gear and stats to fight these bosses.

Most pug groups don’t even use HP Potions.

Please Lower the HP of the Guardian Raid Bosses by 50% and make their attacks deal more dmg as a compromise…


Just dont to them with PUG Groups? Its your own fault if you want to do them with completely random players.

Even with shit engravings it shouldn’t take that long to complete.

I don’t get where its wrong?
You play mmo to play alone? Cool for you, run alone. Some people enjoy playing with others.
Be honest, put yourself in someone else shoes ; Try T2 guardians without being overgeared, with the average engraving that you get in the early T2. I can assure you, that with some group you won’t be able to kill the guardian. Lack of dps sometimes, sometimes you have that guy that dies 3 times in less than 30 seconds.
Or Lava chromanium for example can 2 shot my T2 berserk and takes like 7-10minutes.
But I can do Igrexion or even night fox yoho with my T3 berserker without losing half of my mayhem hp and we will clear it in 3-5 minutes.

Its not about difficulty, its about scaling.
Guardian raid aren’t not « endgame content » they are the daily grind.
Right now doing my 2 dailys guardian on my alt takes more time than doing my weekly Argos, does it still make sense to you?

You can play with others without playing with PUG Groups? How about using the Partyfinder?

I have a feeling they are bugged, it took me 15 mins to kill a guardian i was 150 levels over.

T1/t2 guardians were already nerfed, there is no reason to nerf them again


Explain the difficulty needed? They are just so annoying and right now put yourself in the shoes of a new player

They take alot of consumables and they take so much time to kill since t1-t2 you are geared like crap

You don’t do them to brag that the game is easy, you do them for mats

cause thats the tier of players there. i leveled my destro from 302 to 1300, never bought any accs, only used drops, and on every guardian i did 30-50% party dmg. everyone was dying left\right, running from ice helgaya stagger check, usual dumb stuff. if you as player dont know what to do, no amount of ilvl will help you, recent clip that shows how low asmons dmg is for his 1490 ilvl help.
While i was leveling, i started to do guardians solo, since it takes less time, without deadweight in parties

I agree T1 and T2 guardians need to be balanced, if we compare them to T3 guardians which take 4-6 mins even with weak gear, those and t1-t2 have too much HP. Also T3 guardians since Yoho should be stronger…

You want guardians that take me on average 4 to 6 minutes in any tier to be 2 to 3 minutes? No thanks, the game is already too easy, with legions raid atleast having a little challenge. The point of guardian raids/chaos dungeons/dailies are to be a time sink. They don’t want you to get rewards fast and easy because then you stop playing and aren’t as motivated to pay up.

Aren’t you the guy complaining about the game being hard for solo support while playing paladin ? Sure the game is easy you have no competition in party finders + you get to choose your group
You can be underlevel in content that allows it and people will still takes you, so sure you can say that you don’t need more times, cause you need nothing to be allowed in groups

And Yoho and Deskaluda takes 3-6 min and if someone dies you can tell that he’s doing something wrong + potions arent even needed
T2 guardians doesn’t, they take like 10-15min and if you don’t take potions you have to die quick because people will spend the 3 res in seconds lol

Its not about difficulty and bragging or anything its just not well design, sure if you test it out today you’ll say its easy because you have like 100 skills points more than the real t1-t2 players, stats from roster and all of that + cards
Nobody wants to spend 10-15min x2 on guardians with 1-2 dudes that takes revive for free potion

Just think for new players and casual playing alts

New players would get to t3 in a week from t2.

No! Pug groups who don’t use potions should fail


What does me wanting supports be easier to play solo have to do with you being unable to do t2 guardians in a reasonable time frame? Sounds like a poor attempt to discredit anyone who tries to disagree with you. Even if I do them ON GEARSCORE, most of them take about 6 to 8 minutes solo. The game is meant to be played with others, so if you get a good group, doing it in a group WILL be faster than solo. Also some skill points are not what makes the difference. You not knowing when you can hit the boss safely and how long. You should also have atleast your class engraving, and 1 more if you can afford it, with proper stats. You can’t also just do whatever build you want, you need a legitament one for raid now unlike tier 1. Basically this is a skill problem, whether it’s about you or the people you match with.

Also, on lava chromanium, if you aren’t using weakpoint skills on cooldown immediately until his shell breaks, that’s half the issue. Also I call EXTREME cap that you are soloing igrexion even at 1365 gearscore in 3 to 5 minutes, stop reaching for a lie.

Potion use is also a skill issue, not a game issue. On average, I MAYBE use 1 on each of my alts doing guardian dailies in any tier. You also keep adding more and more time with each comment about how long guardians take, it starts out 7-10 min, and now it’s 10-15 min? Stick with an exaggerated number or don’t. Just stop lying.

No it doesn’t

Soooo wasted time and inability of potion usage, unfollowed mechanics is guardians HP amount issue?! I believe the issue is with PLAYERS sooo maybe start advocating for people to use items and follow mechanics.
People who refuse to do ehat is needed will end up in Valtan or any other Legion Raid and fail, because of Their stubbornness not the difficulty of a raid or w.e
Let that sink in please before you ask for a nerf

If you’re doing t1/t2 guardians on an alt, then I would recommend to just save your time and skip them entirely or just do them via your stronghold ship.