Guardian Raid Boss HP needs to be lowered


Do you know how much weakpoint he got? More than my pally have weakpoint lol. Won’t throw bombs at him, if you do you should just buy your honing mats in market lol.

Igrexion is a joke with berserk. You are never on your back because of super armor.
Igrexion do feel with less HP than some T2 boss. Maybe is the weak point, I’ll be honest with you I don’t care. I did all of them on my berserk, most of my skills have weakpoint and I won’t throw bombs on guardian, I’ll flare thats it. T2 guardians sometimes take 10min on item level in group, the rewards vs time is so low. You guys are talking like it should be difficult, its a chore not a legion raids lol. I use my battles items in legion raids only, the rest just doesn’t matter. I cleared valtan HM and vykas HM on 3 characters first week each in puggs so its not a player problem. I never said ‘’ I can’t clearer it’’ I said its a pain in the ass it takes too much time for something not worth. I could say ‘’ I don’t care about it, now all my characters are doing deska which is pretty fast’’ . But instead I have some empathy for new players who gets to do these boss with lame mechs and are so long to kill. And its the only time IG when you have islands and other shit to do. T3 you do your raids on resets and the rest of the week you do your dailys and logoff.

Just enter a Party that’s trying to do 2x. Most of the people there know how to kill it efficiently.