Guardian raid dailies need to go

Guardian raid dailies are awful. No one enjoys doing them but the rewards are too valuable to ignore. I don’t understand why Lost Ark puts so much emphasis on these fights as they are clearly just a half-baked ripoff from Monster Hunter. The weekly Challenge guardian fights is more than enough.

They are scaled much more difficult than necessary for something that should be done twice per day, on each character. We can’t see the HP bars, we need to use 2-4 battle items per fight, learn new mechanics and deal with harsh gatekeeping. These are the requirements for Legion Raids, the penultimate end-game content. They should not also be the requirements for something that you should do twelve times per day.


100% true
but they will never remove this garbage
they gotta keep the nolifes busy else they will move to another game


Honestly, I just do rested Deskas on my 1460+ alts and Turtle on my 1528 main. Makes things easier… I also hate this bs.

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don’t do them and they are gone? and i disagree they are not really hard unless you do them with ppl that dont know how to do them, caliligos is a bit long for 1490 but im doing them on 4 dps and 2 guardian, and i had only 1 fail group doing them rested x2 and it was due to ppl not using the proper battle item and not grabbing their set of orb, caliligos all mecanic are not 100% all new too he/she move a lot like calentetus in exemple

The gold earned through tradable leapstones makes up nearly 50% of your weekly income. Roughly 2,000 gold per day, on each character.

It’s already hard enough to afford the gear that allows you through gatekeeping. If you choose to handicap 50% of your income you might as well quit because you won’t get accepted into any party.

You have to do guardians or swipe if you want more than one 5x3 character.

Turtle is easy, at least if you don’t do it with complete idiots (like i had to today). I also solo it on my 1490+ chars - takes a bit longer but not having to deal with idiots makes it more stable. It’s on par in terms of raw gold income with the new guardian (unless you get lucky with bracelet, which you won’t).

Maybe it’s just too late and my brain is roasted, but how do you calculate 2k gold per day per char?

fasle i have 4 5x3 character no $$ went on character improvement bought skins and 6 char slot only. other two are supports

14 marvelous Honor leapstones * 140 gold = 1960 gold. In pure leapstones.

You did this without ever doing a guardian raid? Impressive. Or BS.

Honestly, i dont mind doing 2x G raids a day on my main. The problem is doing them on alts i enjoy the classes far less and even finding the motivation to do deskaluda when my alts are rested is rare.

It would be better if they just x6 the loot and made it a twice per roster per day situation.

i send ships -.- gives the same and some times better from doing them it is the most boring activity to do

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Ship gang

I do but you can only do two characters per day with dispatch. Still leaving 4/day to do manually.

Sorry, I am an idiot. I just thought you played on EUC where 1 MHL costs like 80-90 gold. My bad.

So 1500 gold instead of 2000. Are you such a contrarian that this is worth a post?

Rested Bonus is the way.

So i only do the GR 3 days a week per char.

Even using rest and dispatch you still have >18 guardians per week.

This is a major improvement from the 84 per week you would need to do otherwise however it’s still far too much for a daily activity that no one enjoys. Very few players do 12 guardians per day painlessly. Most make compromises sacrificing gold to reduce stress.

Players shouldn’t be forced to make compromises on a such a large portion of their income because the game demands it’s most toxic and stressful activity 84 times per week. The Guardian raid burden on players should be drastically reduced.

6x rewards for doing this activity on only your main is a great idea. Or 7x rewards with a weekly lockout on each character.

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12? I can name afew people here who does way more lol (and they are pround of it)

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Man imagine if this game had really tried to imitate MH. What a different game it coulda been.