Guardian raid freezes game

Every time I try to enter the guardian raid for the Flame Fox Yoho, the game just freezes during the loading screen. I hear a sound from Windows and that’s it. I’m forced to end the task from task manager, just to get back in the game to see that the character is in the raid area, but if I try to log in, it freezes again and I have to end the task again. I’m only able to log in after 20 or so minutes (basically when the raid has concluded). Logging in as a different character is still possible, but I currently do not have another character that has the required item level for the raid other than my main one, to test if the character itself is the problem.

Edit: Fixed it with a stupid solution… reinstalled my game.

hello @Zagex,

I’m sorry you’re having issues where your trying to enter Guardian Raid and the game freezes on you.

Unfortunately this is a known issue but the good news is our DEV team is aware of this and working on a fix as we speak.

Can you confirm if your still not able to login if not I can move your character to a different place where you can login.

Kindly reply back with your character name, server name, region and level.

I hope this information helps!


As I said above, I’m able to login with the character after 20 or so minutes (basically when the raid has concluded) so there’s no need to move my character. Hope it gets fixed soon, was really looking to fight the fox.

It’s been 4 days, and there was an update today which had numerous bug fixes, but still no fix for this… am I the one doing something wrong and causing this crash? I’m just pressing “Enter” and it just freezes during the loading screen. I am unable to progress to the next level of raid guardians due to this.