Guardian Raid Healthbar & other Information


I was always asking myself why isnt there a Healthbar and other information about each Monster / Boss? Ive seen other people asking the same thing in the Game as well. I think instead of nerfing all the Bosses it would be more helpfull to give us more information about the Boss (Healthbar, when can i stagger the boss, when can i counter attack, etc.)

What do you guys think of it? Am I wrong?


really the only thing missing is the HP bar. and stagger bar of course. counters can always be used when the boss flashes blue. this holds true throughout the game

The reason for this is because guardian raids were designed to be “Monster Hunter” like as the devs are huge fans of MH.

Okay interesting ^^ I didnt know that but i still think it would be a nice thing to have since the game isnt MH but thats just my opinion.

Yeah i agree! and thanks for the tip with the counters (i didnt know it since as far as i know i dont use a skill which is a counter attack)

TBH I wouldnt MIND them having HP bars but Im all for either one. I do like learning the phases and judging remaining HP based on that but a visual HP poop could be a tool to hype players when they just BARELY dont get the kill. kinda like a “There was 10% left we got this guys” kind of thing

Edit: a visual poop? wtf? leaving in for the luls, but I meant POOL



Please don’t ruin the game, don’t make it keyboard faceroll. There are a lot of visuals letting you know how much HP it has or what he does. All you need is a bit of practice.

Have a nice day!

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I very much doubt adding a simple HP bar would ruing the game, but as I said, im fine with it either way

Alright I guess I should take a better look at it then since i mostly did the boss like a one and done thing so i never really payed attention to the boss visuals but more to his attacks etc.

I personally just like to have information about bosses especially a healthbar is something thats kinda nice to have.

pls stop crying for changes in a 3 year old game because you did not grasp the mechanics or bosses in 1 try …

thats… not even close to whats happening here… take a chill pill

As you have noticed there is a Health bar in Abyss Dungeons and so. Guardian Raids to be honest are good as they are, are a challange with not much loot to be given, its a daily so the reward can’t be big, on the long run you gather some materials, lets say over a week. For me, i just do it for fun mostly, because you don’t get a lot out of it. But it kinda teaches you how to handle things. As someone said in other posts, Tips pop-ups should stay for a longer time, not 1 second.

Also, i would like to point out that, most people probably not even look at short video guides:

TBH ive never looked at it, I default to looking up a guide, do they even say anything helpful beyond “Hit and dont get hit”?

Rather then go fully blind. Its a heads-up, get potions and be prepared to die :smiley: or fail or win.

LOL, I like that HAHA

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I think you totally missed the topic here… sadly but anyways read my post again maybe you will understand

Ive seen that and thanks for mentioning it :slight_smile: I also see it the same way as you that i do it for fun but yeah as dracoledoux said it, I personally dont think that a healthbar is changing the whole thing its just a tiny information that kind of satisfies me

And while fighting it should be “Less dying, more pummeling!”

Just want to add this: Foggy Ridge Island Guide for Lost Ark on - Island Guides ← Do this quest lines to understand Guardian Raids! :slight_smile: They are pretty simple once you get the hang of it, also its common to make mistakes and get dmg.

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Wow i really appreciate that! Thanks a lot for sharing the link i will definitely take a look into it :smiley:

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