Guardian Raid loot went to party members instead of me Galatur-NA East

Ok. I just ran a guardian raid. Night Fox Yoho. I used a guardian soul with rest bonus and when I looted the two souls, a vast majority of my loot went to the other players in my party.

In the picture you can see the four accessories in my inv at the bottom right.
And in the chat window you can see all the loot going to them.

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The loot messages you see for other players is their loot. You likely have chat filter enabled to show when other players loot stuff.

That is why you see Acatalexis receive 50 Maharaka Leaf - the event item. You only get 50 of these per guardian run twice per day regardless of your rested state so you are seeing him/her get his/her loot also.

uh nah. I had atleast 3 or 4 legendaries drop on the ground from the souls and tons of epics. I’m supposed to get more that just 4 rings and earrings from a rest bonus plus guardian soul and that was just 1 run. I still have a guardian soul left and 2 full bars of rest bonus. I’m still convinced my loot is going to the other players. And yes, I’m well aware that I have “party loot” selected in my chat settings. That is how I saw it.

P.S.: I could get a rat’s butt about the maharaka leaf. =P

Your screenshot has not indicated anything about your loot going to the other players but it does clearly indicate you are showing you have it enabled to show other player’s loot.

It doesn’t matter whether you care or don’t care about the leaf, we can use the leaf as a gauge of what your chat is showing based on what the loot rules are.

The loot rules state that no matter what your rested state, you can only get the 50 Leaf item 1 time per guardian run, twice per day. So we know right off the bat that you can see other people get loot that is solely their loot and cannot be your loot because you have two instances of the Leaf showing in your chat.

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I was honestly curious about this, because from all the runs I typically do on my alts, guardian raids definitely give me the least amount of items while rested - they just give quite a few unbound leapstones and guardian/destruction stones. Since I had a toon at the yoho stage, I waited for everyone to leave before even touching my loot. I only got 2 epic accessories per soul (which was what I was used to more or less). Attached screenshots of the chatlog for reference. So it’s just all in the RNG if you get more (or even less, who knows). It also appears that the Maharaka Leafs are based on looting the soul (I got two separate drops, as did another player).

yoho loot soul 1
yoho loot soul 2

Yeah, back in like March, I’m fairly certain that with rest bonus and guardian souls; you would typically yield like at least 7-10 accessories per guardian raid. I do not believe it had anything to do with RNG (besides the stats/engravings). I think it has been reduced and they didn’t announce it. I’m going to try and down Night Fox Yoho solo to determine if the loot was distributed to all members or if I’m just receiving reduced rewards with rest bonus/guardian soul boost. I usually always get two seperate drops from one soul every raid. I figured it was standard.

@sodcuda I did, in fact, notice the pic I posted does not represent the true nature of the post. As for the leafs, I did receive them, but I’m more interested in gearing than cosmetics at this time.

Rested for Guardians only allows you to collect 2 souls per attempt rather than a single soul.

It does not bestow any bonus loot or any increase in drop rate.

Your initial screenshot and complaint that you only got 4 accessories and miscellaneous stones and leapstones bears that out.

An average Yoho attempt gives a handful of destruction/guardian stones, about 3 greater leaps, 2 accessories (no guarantee of legendary quality), occasionally an ability stone, rarely Yoho’s card, very rarely an engraving book, and very rarely the epic galewind rune.

With rested, you would double this, and it appears you got exactly this.

I am not sure what the issue is other than you are not reading your char filters correctly.

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Hello @Waffenkunde and @Elzu and thank you @sodcuda for your correct answers on this,

Thank you for your question regarding the Guardian Raid Loot. This seems to have been correctly answered by your fellow @sodcuda so do not hesitate marking their responses as the solution if that is the case.

I will keep an eye on this thread in case you have any other questions.

See you in Arkesia! :wolf:

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Yeah I already figured out the loot issue. Its just scarce by design, obviously. But, yeah… thanks for makin’ it weird.

nope I always get twice as much with rested though

@olorin12000 Really? Then what are @sodcuda and @Fenrirskoll talking about? I was convinced that it was double the rewards myself. Then, I ran another raid, stayed until everyone was gone and gathered my souls. Still, I got like 4-5 accessories and some silver and honing mats. So, you’re saying the rest bonus should be doubling that?

You’re getting twice as much because with rest bonus, you can loot 2 souls instead of 1…

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@classicmix50bags Ok. To get this straightened out. 1-3 accessories is a regular 1 guardian soul. Twice as much is considered to be 3-5 from 2 guardian souls? That is what you are saying?

I just wanna know if its designed to be crappy and scarce or not. If so, then whatever. I figured a rest bonus from a guardian raid would be more lucrative, but I guess not.

You are correct here.

From Gold River himself, of your “daily” activities, the most amount of loot you will get from the game is the Chaos Dungeons.

The benefits of Guardians is basically: unbound leapstones and only way to get Galewind rune which almost (maybe every?) build uses though for the Galewind rune you can farm it without collecting the soul or having more souls to collect so theoretically you can just kill Guardians 9000 times a day til you get it or go insane

Yes. 1 soul gives you 2 accessories. Rest bonus = 2 souls = 4 accessories (twice as much)

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