Guardian Raid loot

Hello, have you ran a Guardian raid and forgotten to pick up your loot? No? Just me? oke.

I would like to humbly suggest there be a fail safe for Guardian raid loot. I have forgotten loot 3 times now, each time I’m exhausted from the fight and want to get out of there. It takes my guardian soul for the day and I’m left missing out on loot. I understand that its not hard to pick up the loot, but it happens, sadly more often than I’d hope.
Please have something to save me from this frustration of feeling so dang dumb because I just spent 15min on a boss and forgot to loot it. I did the work, I feel terrible knowing I’ve missed out on progression loot because of something so simple.


Sorry for your lose :frowning:
We have mail system in game. They sent forgotten loots or if you can’t picked it up from the boss due to full bag etc they sent you by mail system ingame at wow for years. I’m sure this feature can be added to this game too.

I’d be happy if it just didn’t eat my daily soul if i forgot to loot it… but nope… clicked the tickbox so it eats the soul…

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I finished a guardian raid with rest bonus and forget to loot both… now its all wasted even the time to finish the boring raid and the trinkets i used too. This lootsystem isnt appropiate to the rest of the game, where the loot normally drops.
Its extremly frustrating and i even cant get it per mail.
After all that time how is it possbile nothing is gonna change about that… i mean i have to do this stuff so because i have to use the mats and this is just killing the mood in total, like it isnt hard enough to farm the same raid so many times until i get to the next guardian to farm him… They should throw that out, so Guardians drop the loot normal and put away the unnecesarry checkbox just make it like chaos portal, should be easy enough.

To be blunt that is your own fault to be honest, you are warned going into the guardian raid if you want to use your harvest or not.

You distracted yourself from not collecting it, except for helping people you know, the main reason you go into one is to harvest it. So something else was occupying your mind that you forgot. The game didn’t waste that chance, you did.

And no not all of the game has automatic looting, some things have a chest.

I frogot it bc my mind get bored by repeating the same stuff (guardian raid) ever and ever and ever…
Thats the reason why i accidently click the leave button. You should understand that its extremly frustrating to offer 10 min to a fight, loose expensive stuff you need for other Aktivities and then wont even get a reward for it. Not enough that we get forced to do it daily for the mats. Ofc its my fault, no shit sherlock xD i didnt blame them for that, i blame them for the drop mechanic and i in personal think its made bad thats all. Again, pls undertsand that its extremly frustrating to loose mats and stuff and not getting rewarded for lifetime spend doing some kind of boring stuff. And i know well that i dont have to do it, but im not the only one thinking the guardian loot mechanic is annoying.
Thats all, i was just frustrated and i hope you can comprehend even a little bit my anger.

At least we are here to make the game we love even better even if its about some small things like this