Guardian Raid should have revives per player, not shared

Shared revives work okay for premade parties, but those are impossible to find below Tier 3 and often difficult even for some of the Tier 3 raids. The only available option then is matchmaking, and matchmaking is always going to give you the same couple of other players in the region who are doing the same thing, one of whom immediately burns all 3 revives at the start of every raid so that no one else gets any.

One player shouldn’t have the power to create that big of a disadvantage for the entire party.

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Git gud

When finding party members for abyss / 8 man party runs like argos, valtan, vykas. Just say in the chat, before the raid starts.

“Anyone who cant hold their own, and is planning on leeching this, by either wasting lives, or not participating, I’m recording and ill post you leeching to the official discord, so you cant leech on other people”

Most people who are planning to take advantage of you / your party, will leave. I’ve made it work a few times, some people try to take advantage of this game not really requiring a base / min req for rewards. just make them fear it.

They might also leave because they think you’re toxic, expecting to have leeches in the group.
So far I have encountered people not participating and fail mechanics by not even trying maybe 5-6 times in 1500h+ on 10 chars…

Most fails (in Guardian Raids) were during T1/T2 due to peoples inexperience.
In T3 95% of all tries end on 2+ lifes (Yeah, sometimes you fuck up and get killed even by the easiest boss (Deskaluda)…)

This thread isn’t about Party Finder, though. You can use Party Finder for Abyss/Legion and have some control over whom you play with. Guardian raids, especially T1/T2, have zero presence there (unless you count the gold sellers using it as an ad board), so matchmaking is the only option. There’s no way to prevent yourself from getting matched with those players, aside from simply never doing the content. It would at least partially mitigate the problem if the other 3 people were allowed to proceed as though they never had a 4th player, other than the stat scaling on the boss.

That’s part of the game, I heavily doubt Smilegate would change this.
You can go solo if you want.

I often see people on Yoho (1370) not using any potion and dying, I don’t mind because I know the mechanics and avoid the maximum I can to take any damage, I had a zerk in my party who died 3 times on Deskaluda (1415) yesterday and I laughed, maybe the guys just don’t know the mechanics and have not enough gold to buy potions &/or not enough time to gather and craft, even the small potions. It shouldn’t prevent you to clear it even if you think it sucks to have cheap players with you, know that they might have done everything they could xD

I admit it would be nice to have…then it should be : 4 lives and 1 per player only. But again, I doubt it would be made.

It’s not always game-breaking, but it does always seem to be a detrimental mechanic. If you make a mistake and die 4th in a guardian raid, you’re severely punished (essentially banned from the remainder of the raid) just for not screwing up as badly as whoever died three times before you.

It’s always been a frustrating design choice, and I’m definitely noticing it a lot more now while trying to level up a Bard, which can’t really do solo raids on-level or “carry” the damage for a group. There are so often two other decent players and one dead weight. No one there is playing it perfectly by any means (myself included), but they really shouldn’t have to, either.

I know the chances of it changing are low at this point, but it’s a feedback forum, so… feedback. :slight_smile:

Yeah I understand, I saw many bards launching a macro text to tell the party they did put an aoe heal, recently while playing alts, maybe it could help you make your team survive too. I didn’t say your feedback was bad, I would like they would work on it too cause I think it’s a good idea but knowing it’s Smillegate who code the game, I just don’t believe they would. If only AGS could edit the game as they wanted (for the best and the worst) I guess it could be something we could see :wink:

Maybe just 3 resurrections for 4 players (like right now) but 1 per players (RIP the 4th) could be something possible. The guy/girl dies a second time : message : You already used a resurrection, you are dead now. xD

How do you die to Deskaluda. The boss even heals you xD

Fun fact, the guy died for the first time JUST before we broke the tail which heals xD I laughed, then I don’t know, I’m sure I made most of the counters Oo no potion and maybe he wasn’t paying attention but yeah 3 times xD I should record my sessions x)

I dunno how. I don’t use pots on deska. And im a gunslinger with Grudge. Its biggest attack the laser beam thingy only hits 20k or so and even that is easy to avoid

I main shadowhunter so I don’t know neither, he died again and again I should have recorded the session for sure xD Btw it wasn’t a problem for the clear.
Now, imagine :
_1 resurrection per player only.
_If you use your resurrection, you get half the rewards.
_Let’s keep the 3 resurrections because lazy devs don’t want to work too much.

Now we would be talking xD No sad 7min Yoho and all xD

The guardians raids are a Monster Hunter plagia/tribute so I think the game mode will stay as it is, now I think if people could use only 1 resurrection, they would just die to be carried and that would be another problem :frowning:

I died once to Velganos, before that i dont remember my last Guardian death

It’s Strange that i havent seen any complaints about that you cant revive in Dungeons or valtan

It’s not a daily thing, it’s the final endgame, it’s “hard” in the way the bosses target anybody and do random patterns (depending of their HP bars remaining) and it’s not supposed to be casual friendly.
Gear score minimum, abyssals are a pain.
Valtan gate 1 & 2 are even more painful.
You are supposed to learn every possible patterns there and survive, you can do Valtan without support, it’s even more fun but if you die, you can just blame yourself, guardians raids are some braindead dailies with cheap loots after all. (Yeah even Deskaluda can reward you with just legendary accessories x_x)

EDIT: I admit guardians do everything they want and target random people too but just a few of them can wipe the team (Velganos and Achates), in the dungeons, if the team clear the boss where people died, they are back with full HP =)

EDIT 2 : Let’s make your idea something ! It would be cool to not be punished by cheap players :stuck_out_tongue: anybody can make a mistake but 3 in a row it a bit too much :smiley:

ok~why dont u do solo instead?! then u can have all the revives for uslf~

Because you didn’t read.

Here is what you didn’t read :stuck_out_tongue: