Guardian Raid Vote Kick system can be abused in a really toxic way

I had a pleasure of running into three aholes that grouped up together and started flaming me for not using flare. Then they proceeded into vote-kicking me in the middle of the raid.

One of the guys were the “carry” with level 1430 in Igrexion. Obviously, they were together. This was a public matchmaking run.

Now, I can’t join any raid because of “penalty.” @roxx. How is this a fair system? I think it really fosters toxicity. I’d like to know AGS’s stance on this system. It’s not the first time I saw this in this forum but to experience it was truly the most annoying experience I have had in Lost Ark.

Is there any consequence to abusing such system? These users should also be subjected to a raid penalty for trolling imo.

Edit: to be clear…

One of the guy was 1430 with +20 weapon, while the other two were sitting in spawn. When I asked the 1430 what he was doing with his fancy +20 weapon in Igrexion, he said he was carrying. Then they proceeded to send me warnings. I asked why and they said no flare as #1 (never heard of this rule before and I solely play pub with seven t3 characters). By then, I was WAY too far away from the spawn and hey, there were two guys in the spawn who could’ve used their own flare. I was on my alt that I only play when the rest bonus is at 100, so I didn’t really check if it didn’t run out of flares. Then once they kicked me, they started laughing at me as the game started throwing warnings about “left party leaving soon.” Then I was banned from matchmaking for next X minutes. If this is a justified way to use the ban system, I should start matchmaking only with 2 other guildies and just ban the 4th guy if he doesn’t use flare. Does that sound fair?


You have provided 0 proof of this and as far as im concerned you deserved to get kicked till you prove otherwise and im pretty sure any reasonable human being would agree with me.On the other hand if you really did get flammed and just kicked out of the raid for not using flares,maybe it would be a good idea to craft some or open up a chest that you get for free every weekend so you dont get flammed and kicked out the next time you come across “aholes” like these.If im with my premade group,i can kick you out for any reason i want and there is nothing you,or anyone else can do about it.Take the L and move on.


Again, how is that system fair? You said you can kick someone out for any reason in a pub matchmaking game? That just fosters hostile environment and just more toxicity in the this community.

Stuff happens and flares do run out. Instead of blaming it on the solo-queued guy, one of the premades can use the flare? As you can see in the screenshot, I had the flare in the hotkey. Just happened to have ran out. You can just be a chad and use your own flare instead of b***ching about it

Also, literally the first time anyone was so toxic about not using flare in hundreds of raids that I have ran in 1200 hours, but thanks. The feedback was more directed towards AGS. They can check the game log. Already reported all of em in game as well.


Because the likelyhood of you getting a full 3 man premade in a complete random mm and getting flammed and kicked “for no reason” is close to 0% and in the event that there are only 2 premade,they cant kick you if the third guy doesnt see a reason to kick you.Devs dont deal with stuff that doesnt “impact your every day play” so they have said themselves multiple times.

If Op did indeed get flamed and kicked for zero reasons other than just happening to be out of flares then that is wrong
as the op has said this is a public match make not a party finder group
do you think people cant party up and match-make a 4th?

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Are you sure they were even premade? It’s possible that they expected you to flare because you’re in position 1. Did you communicate you ran out of flare? The ability to vote kick is much better than having people start griefing in runs because they want to get out as a result of no longer wanting to be a part of the party. It gets the individualist out and allows the run to continue so everyone wins. Matchmaking or not people shouldn’t have to play with ppl they don’t want to and it’s not much different than if everyone left the party because of another players behavior. The only argument that could be had is maybe the penalty is unnecessary but I guess the Kr Devs see it as time for you to think about your actions and perhaps adjust accordingly.

do you not read? the reason, when I asked, was because I didn’t flare.

Ive played for 805 h and never encountered a single toxic person ,especially a random premade group.You know why? Because I make sure im prepared,i use flares,pheros,all the nades i need and i make sure to say hi.Its as simple as that.


They started throwing warning before saying a single word. Then I asked why the warning, and they said I didn’t use the flare as #1. By then, I was already far away from the spawn. And yes, they were premades. Only the 1430 guy with +20 weapon was out trying to kill Igrexion while the two that got carried was sitting in the spawn and they were all from the same server.

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and ive played longer and have seen it multiple times
being an asshole because someone doesn’t have a flare is a piss poor excuse to be one




I think you just like playing devil’s advocates but if you really think throwing warnings and being an ahole (once they kicked me, they started laughing at me) is justified, then gosh… you’d be such a joy irl. Honestly, I have too many characters to be keeping track of which guy has flare. I’d gladly use pheromone and flares whenever it’s there, but shit happens and you forget stuff. Stop being a smart ass.


Very constructive, you proud of that comment?

Nobody is obligated to throw a flare in a random matchup, someone will do it if they choose to save time. It’s players like you and potentially those three that contribute to a toxic environment, no normal person wants to play a game with douchebags.


Its not against tos to be and asshole or to kick anyone from the group.For example If i dont like your skin i can kick you out of my group and there is nothing you,or anyone else can do about it.Im sure if they guy said " sry i ran out of flares" nobody would kick him.

Yeah, it’s a similar behavior as what happens in Kr. People don’t want to play with people being cheap on combat items and just expecting others to front the burden for them. You didn’t answer though, did you communicate that you were out of flares and had no more utility boxes you could have opened in your roster storage?

This is the thing though… You should always have chests in your roster storage. There’s just no excuse for not having any there.


That comment was more constructive then yours and this one combined.

it is however aginst the tos to be toxic and disruptive to others which if what happened to op is true could very well fall in those lines

Nope,you dont need a reason to kick anyone.If you dont use combat items ill kick you too if you dont apologize and get some after you die. Also the Op is editing the post for the 4th time now to fit his narrative and counter sound arguments.

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your defending this awful hard ijs

number 2 I use battle items all the time no matter my number cause my bardy ass is just that nice

I don’t flame or have a need to randomly kick my party members rather they used a flare or not

Was I asking about TOS? The philosophy behind smilegate in designing lost ark was to try not to foster toxicity, which is why the most recent interview from Gold River said he doesn’t approve dps meter. I’d think that this system, if abused in this way, would not be an intended design of the game.