Guardian raid x Nerf

Hello guys i see a lot of people ask about nerfing guardian raids from T1 and T2, as well as complaining about absolutely all guardian raids (with the exception of the poor Urnil). I know the experience most people have with ARPG is probably low, just like mine was. I want to say that guardian raids are a great place to train countless mechanics, including VERY important mechanics like “counter attack” “dodge” “pizza” etc. I tend to do it these days alone or with my boyfriend (any guardian raid), and believe me it has greatly improved my performance in the game, in a way that in most content (like argos) I almost don’t use potions.

(my sharp in print are 1385)

ah yes, not using pots when you have a bard, shocker

I don’t use potions playing solo either, normally. At least not on velganos.

people don’t have a problem with the mechanics I’d rather a fight be insanely hard and take 2 minutes vs hitting a sponge for 10 minutes

not to mention having to walk around for 4 minutes finding the boss if no one brought flares because in an already gold starved game flares are 5 gold a pop so you are literally just throwing money up in the air every time that could have gone to something else

at that point why even bother to do guardian raids which I have not when I have 4 chars in t3 and 2 more about to be

it sounds ok when you are thinking about only one character but when you play 7 characters or so like me doing guardian raids seems like a god please no ordeal especially with how limited you are with battle items on alts

then when you do attempt to party and not solo so you aren’t bored out of your mind and matchmake you have super party rng due to people queuing as min ilvl like where I have bad parties on dark levanos and a zerker that dies in the first 20 seconds where I end up basically soloing anyway

before it was pretty worth it since the gold was good from leapstones but now with the market crashed its like ahh no ill go and do something that doesn’t make me regret queuing in the first place

at least in t3 guardians die a lot faster so if i’m feeling super bored I’ll just solo t3 but in t1-t2 yeah no thanks as a daily it’s just not worth it there


Doesnt matter what point you make on the forums, someone will come along to nitpick it regardless of how valid it is

Alone the fight is 100x easier, since you don’t depend on anyone and you have the fight balanced just for you. you already try to do the fights alone, especially with alts? You save a lot of time.

Ye, unfortunately. People spend hours and hours on the forum complaining about guardian raids, while on other servers people already do everything themselves. It’s not difficult as they say. If they took the time they spend complaining, and spend training, I guarantee they wouldn’t complain.

It’s fact that guardians raids take 2-3x longer in t1-t2 compared to t3.


Because they arent such bullet sponges. On the other hand they also hit like a truck

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