Guardian raids, abyss dungeon etc does not work

I can understand that its the overloading servers doing it. but why allow more players in when alot of the core elments of the game is shutdown due to having too many players. Its obviously bad to just allow new players in just cause we cant shut them out. Its literally unplayable.

“Unable to get location info.” when queueing up anything atm.

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Right now if you manage to enter the game after a long q you still can’t play the game becuase of this lag/connection problems. You can do islands but right now I’m done with that. So yeah, the little time I can play the game (I have to time perfectly when I enter in q in the morning to be able to play in the afternoon, tho) the server is unestable. And I bet you can still create new chars in Zinner/Kadan/Asta servers.

Even tho its f2p you have players that are committed to the game, seems kinda weird to give us bad service because we want more new players on a overloaded server? Just shut every new player off, nobody should be able to create a new char when the servers are literally burning. so bad practice tbh

I even saw gold sellers spamming accounts in starting area, like for real. you should shut down any new players, they will literally just make a new account on steam and go on a server that is already crowded…