Guardian Raids are way too easy


I would like to give feedback regarding the Guardian Raids.

As they are supposed to be the entry end game content until the new tier is out, I feel like they are supposed to be at least a little bit difficult.

Currently the bosses have too little HP and deal nearly no damage, which feels somewhat boring after already doing the entire campaign in a failsafe difficulty.

During the Korean and Russian launch ( season 1 version of the game), the tier 1 Guardian Raid bosses were very challenging and it felt amazing to be able to beat them, compared to current Guardians it’s a extreme let down.

As there is no information for when we are getting the actual hard content that is available on other regions, our “end game” content being the current very easy Guardian Raids could make players give up on the game thinking it has no challenging content at all.

The original version of the bosses Urunil, Lumerus, Icy Legoros, Vertus and Chromanium felt really great and challenging, taking about 13 to 17 minutes to clear as a party of 4 members and almost impossible to solo with equal gear level to the content.

Now on the current build of the Global Lost Ark client, you can solo them all in less than 6 minutes with fresh level 50 gear or item level equal to the minimum required to unlocked the raid and they deal no significant amouts of damage as long as you do not stand still completely.

That’s my opinion based on the current situation of Guardian Raids compared to how they felt originally on other regions.

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This is definitely the only point that worries me about the game.

We should discuss it. The end game content as a whole has to be challenging. The Raid Guardians should be challenging, although it is true that the first ones are easy in terms of mechanics, but not like defeating them in 6 minutes playing solo.

Please developers, keep an eye on this :raised_hands:t4: :raised_hands:t4: :raised_hands:t4:


Do you have a video of this?
I’m enjoying the story for now, but I’d be curious to see if there’s a bug in HP pools or damage or something. It might be the guardians aren’t scaled properly like PvP?

It’s not a bug, it’s how it got changed on Season 2 for all regions.
But since it will be the only bosses in NA/EU, the first 5 guardian raid bosses are very weak compared to their former versions.

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That does sound like something that should be changed then. It’s a bit weird to have half the changes but not the rest. Maybe they should have just followed the original release faster and with some of the balance changes to classes.

Of course, that’s true. But if we intend to have only up to t2 guardian raids, they should focus on making them challenging.

I don’t think they will add many tiers at launch, it would be disproportionate.

Let’s see if someone from the team can clarify this for us.

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Dont agree.
T1 Guadians should be the easiest ingame and they get stronger from 1 to 4.

No need for changes.

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If people can get by T1 without any difficulty whatsoever it’ll only hit them in the face when they suddenly need to bring items/do mechanics from T2 onwards. A gradual increase in difficulty is advisable over having a massive gap.

Not saying that T1 raids needs to be buffed to Season1 values, but: it seems evident that the current Beta client is running on HP/damage values designated for the late-Season2 KR client - which has what, T5/T6 raids by now? There, it makes sense for the early raids to be easy, as they just want to bring players to the latest endgame asap.

What we may be overlooking here is that our endgame seems to be T1 and T2 raids for the foreseeable future. Which means that the health/damage values would need some tweaks to make sure that endgame truly feels, y’know, endgame.


Yes, T1 should be a preparation, not a completely HP sponge that doesn’t fight back or deal no damage.
Lumerus and Urunil was a really fun fight, it feels like the potential of the 5 early bosses are being wasted compared to how cool they were/can be.


Vanus is in an okayish spot tbh… Most of my matched groups couldn’t finish it as they were constantly dying and he’s quite tanky compared to the first 3 bosses.

I’d like to see a screen shot of <6 mins on Vertus with equal gear score to entry.

Check the streamer playing gunslinger, RaizQT if i remember correctly.
It should be on his yesterday VODs or the day before.
And yes, most GR bosses took about 6~10 minutes up to Chromanium, it only gets a bit harder on Nakrasena.

Well yeah… Vertus would’ve taken 6+ at gear score solo, Chrom even above gear score solo as GS would’ve taken 10… Beginners still take 10min+ at the first few so I don’t see the problem.

Sorry if I come by your comment too late. I actually checked back on RaizQT’s vid and he did 10 minutes solo Vertus, on 460 gear score instead of the required 420. Here’s the vid: (Twitch) (from 1hr 09min → 1hr 19min).
Maybe you are able to solo sub 6, but you also seemed to be one of the Lost Ark veterans that have played in other regions, your experience will be not applicable to 90% of people that will be in the game once it launches.
On top of that, aren’t the abyssal dungeons supposed to be the endgame content ? Not the guardian raid ?


One thing to note… soloing a Guardian raid doesn’t mean it is super easy. Remember HP scales with number of players. The main thing with soloing it is that the monster will -always- have you as the target to focus (except occasionally if you are a Summoner).

I had some rough times in a few of them… barely winning to the 2nd one with the rest of my team eating dirt while I finished it off. And the 4th one killed my group (had 4.1% hp left).

The first one… was way too easy and while I can understand it is kind of an intro… it would be nice if it got a bit more spotlight.

Both the dungeons and the guardians are easy - and I’m no veteran and found them easy just as well (first time running a guardian and it took 3min23s with random people just spamming abilities, my health never dropped below 80% and I was just spamming QWERASDF ^^

There are many posts being made regarding this issue and it’s by design (I believe unintentionally so) because earlier tiers were made super easy and fast to progress so new players could reach T3 faster in the KR version. However, this makes no sense for a new region that only has T1 content, and we should definitely have content the way it was originally intended and balanced.

I disagree and think it’s fine as it is. Currently at 460 ilvl and the 340+ ilvl raids do scale in difficulty and perhaps complexity. Early ilvl raid bosses are easier as they should be as they ease new players into what to expect. Obviously 1000+ ilvl raids on other versions are drastically different in difficulty.

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The fact that you can say “currently at 460 ilvl” is exactly the problem :stuck_out_tongue:

The beta hasn’t even been out for a week and you’ve reached the end of T1. Even if you’ve used the cash shop it doesn’t give you that many materials compared to how many you need.
(Unless you used the cash shop bug that causes everything to randomly refresh, in which case disregard what I’ve said ^^)

That is indeed how my first guardian raid (Ur’nil?!) goes. But then in the next one that require 340 gear score, ended duo with another guy as 2 people floor POV in the fight, then in the 3rd one same thing happened. And then in the Abyssal Dungeons, takes well over an hour to complete both lv 1 dungeons available at my gearscore. I just do contents as they are available at minimum gearscore to see how the difficulty lined up.
I’m sure guardian raids are not supposed to be hard, they have a time limit of 20 minutes after all, but if you solo clear in 10 minutes, it really isn’t that fast.

Yes, you can solo them and I did so myself, but I also think that we, who have played RU/KR, are not the ones who should dictate the entry-level Raid experience and difficulty level.

Tier1 was always to introduce impairment and counter mechanics, Tier2 was to introduce break mechanics (part breaks) and cleansing. Tier3 is when the difficulty ramped up a bit (if on par with iLvl).

I do not mind this if the Heroic raids are released as well, then its fine by me.