Guardian raids, cubes, boss rushes, legion raids, abyssal dungeons/raids

If you want people to stay alive longer then allow usage of normal healing potions.
Limited hp pots is by far the most ridiculous mechanic I’ve ran into in any mmo.
Combat items are a interesting mechanic but sadly it’s not 100% paid attention to.
I offer no solutions for this as I don’t get most people myself.
Maybe adding them to the NPC that sells Awakening Shards might help.

Before anyone starts ridiculing me and pointing out that they are “so easy” to get from stronghold crafting and from the auction house, and I do agree with these statements, but either way, you shouldn’t need to be asked/required to take these extra steps in order to play a game.
I mostly mean this about the offensive battle items, such as grenades.

And maybe placing the general merchant at each entrance might make it easier to find them.

The potions are meant to feel like a luxury not a crutch. Use them a bit wiser, do your best to truly understand the encounters.

Raiders in any game are required to maintain a certain level of upkeep for their consumables this is not new to, or unique to lost ark.

Meanwhile… wow limited potion use since wrath… gotta remember to pre pot… lol

Why you using pots at boss rush?

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Offensive and Defensive battle items are new to me and maybe some others as well but I know they’re not a new aspect to the raiding community. LA is the first game that I’ve played that had grenades and such and is heavily relied upon.

I’m not

I never played wow and this is a stupid idea to me lol

Your tittle says boss rushes

consumable farming has been a huge part of mmo raiding for as long as i can remember (tibia), these “extra steps in order to play the game” is the game lol

So, in wow they originally had 5 minute cds. Then in wrath they made it so you could only use one potion per boss fight. So what people would do is hit it 2 seconds beforethe pull by using a pull timer. That way they got extra damage in and used the 2nd potion for burst phases. The potions werent limited to hp. Any battle potion was included in the cooldown. So you had to decide if you wanted to use a battle effect, hp, or mana potion. They reverted it with the last expansion i believe.

Anyway, back on topic. If you could use unlimited potions in this game, the only thing that would ever kill you would be wipe mechanics. And thats basically the only thing that kills high end players now. It all comes down to learning boss patterns and mechanic animations.

My title includes boss rushes. The point was that cubes and rushes are on the same combat item system as guardian raids, abyss raids, legion raids and abyssal dungeons.

Maybe don’t face tank everything in a game where you should avoid damage

Sorry, as a gunlancer idk what a potion is

Why are you taking such weird stance and trying to prove it to more experienced people, when you’ve said yourself that you are new and unexperienced?

You don’t need to have granade to play the game (unless your game is playing hot potato with frag granade among your friends), you need them to pass certain boss mechanic, that’s the difference. That’s integral game system in raids and these are prepared for such setup.

Beside that, you probably are not aware of the fact that you can pass every encounter without offensive consumables, it may just be harder in some cases.

In what game are there no “extra steps”?

Battle items aren’t required for Guardian raids, cube, boss rush and abyssal dungeons. Play well enough and you wont need them. Also, even if you use battle items, you usually earn more from the content than the battle items cost.

I don’t? I avoid frontals and heat zones but sometimes I’m not quick enough.
Not everyone has a reaction time of a android.

I never played a game that had more than hp potions and offensive/defensive buffs via scrolls or casting… why are we fighting and not thinking of ways to make this aspect of the game smoother? Not everyone wants to go through the hurdles of using your stronghold or AH, or knows how. I am fine with using my stonghold and AH but this part of the game still feels stupid to me. We shouldn’t need grenades for anything as well as movement buffs or anything else for boss mechs outside of the basic offensive/defensive buffs and hp potions. I don’t find raiding in this game fun at all for this reason. And it sure as heck doesn’t help that there are toxic people that are gatekeeping or piss and moan that no one uses combat items or belittles people for not playing up to their standards. I don’t normally run into this but I don’t want to be subjected to that type of harassment and I am sure there are a lot more others that feel the same way.
It was already bad enough that I got thrown into a brick wall once I hit t3. Low honing success rates, +2 gs per success and having to craft abyssal gear at 1370 then argos and so forth. This game is tiresome and it also doesn’t help that I have disabilities that hinder my learning curve and performance and mental health problems. I feel like this game may not be a good fit for me.

I understand this but there are gatekeepers who require their usage and people who get annoyed and lash out at others when they are not used or if anyone doesn’t play up to their standards.

We are not fighting. You are throwing bullshit around and I am giving reality check to your delusions. You are doing that over many months over and over, you seem to be unable to understand the most basic systems in the game and make threads about every single thing as it’s not working (including blaming your mistakes on devs and other players and demanding whatever you think is right in the situation, that includes for example entering wrong chaos dungeon, then crying about losing resonance and asking why isn’t it “fixed”). Stop being a total moron, then we can have a conversation.
You are getting into the game, you can’t learn how anything works in it, so you are trying to spin it around and convince people that it should be different or is broken.

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